Oh no

A mini reflective ramble & update

In this week’s blog post:
– the timelapse & feelings
– thoughts on Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarves movie + body image
– issues with Cohost’s ToS so I’m not posting there
– AI art fears and thoughts as it spreads
– personal update

Nothing to see here ;P

Sketchpost 15 / DTIYS illustration timelapse, figure drawing and portraits + letting go of results, perfectionism & final interesting finds in this blog post [patron only]

Sketchbook 09 / Art, final LightBoxExpo 2020 Online thoughts & feedback and why I’m making future sketchbook posts patron-only again

Sketchbook / Calm gestures, figure drawing & portrait sketches + embracing that I am terrible and have much to learn at art 🖤

I ramble about artist block and motivation!

= Pokemon Mystery Dungeon demo thoughts
= Personal thoughts on covid19
= Interesting Finds
= Short ramble on “Is there purpose in life”?
= Personal ramble on art and business

= Figure studies I’ve done / Figuary
= Open for freelance work! flails arms about!
= What saying no means & fears that came up
= Posting future sketchbook updates only for patrons after this

= individual art for each sailor scout
= friendship ramble
= photo of my sailor figures
= Interesting Finds this week
= trying to not take this blog so seriously

= cold and apron
= coronavirus concerns
= requoting and vector art
= personal blogging & options
= my art insecurities
= distance from social media
= pixiv
= issues with sharing the same switch 🙁

Leonie rambles about the past week, attachment styles, self confidence, confirmation bias, managing emotions, Melbourne city trip photos, getting scammed of a pastry & ink doodles.

Positive mental health sticker pack designs for Patchgaming!
Design thoughts and process!

Leonie rambles about the past week, ink doodles, mental health, sticker flop, game awards and more.

= Birthday giftart for Lauren
= Melbourne city snaps
= Inktober 2019 / Leonie’s Sketchbook
= Ramble about not doing Melbourne International Games week & personal update