StudyPost 18 / Figure studies & bubble tea + timelapse!

Timelapse for some sketches!

Miscellaneous figure photo studies!

Every now and again I’ve been debating on whether I should keep my main twitter only for finished art (quality) and yet I also want to share the journey, rough stuff and studies. I considered using it for my automated blog feed twitter account instead but I don’t want to manually manage two twitter accounts at once. Gahhh social mediaaaa

Anyhoo I’ll be posting these study posts as I juggle with learning!

I’m still very lost with what I’m doing and at times it stresses me out and overwhelms me whenever I attempt to focus. It’s frustrating when the world of social media and popularity rewards consistency, niches and familiarity and not creativity and experimentation.

Eventually and one day I hope to figure it out after lots of learning, meandering and experimentation?! Ahhhhhhhh :’)

Let’s do our best :0

Edit: That earthquake this morning was scary and terrifying gosh; it’s the strongest I’ve ever felt in my lifetime!! Was told to go under a table but I wasn’t sure which one! I will note to go under door frames if this happens again :’)

Hope people are safe and okay!