CheckPoint Coping Companion Card Deck Project: “Play with friends!” illustration & process

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Just having fun with video games!

It’s an illustration for CheckPoint’s pocket-sized deck of cards – the Coping Companion personalised wellbeing assistant. A deck based from a collection of psychological therapies, to be used when stressed, distressed, anxious, emotionally overwhelmed and more! Whenever you need a positive mental health boost, reminder or coping strategy – pick out the cards that help you the most.

They went live during last week! I can finally post this. 😀

In this art post:

Support CheckPoint’s Coping Companion deck!

This 55 card deck of tips is available for purchase, featuring a whole range of good artists! (: And there’s also the artbook and combo options!

Please support them if you’re interested in helping their cause for providing mental health resources for a safer, global gaming community! There’s a lot of other generous artists featured! Plus you get a deck full of art and evidence based mental health tips in return! Or a booklet of artwork! Or both!

If you’re not able to purchase one, tell people about it! Spreading awareness and taking care of your own mental health is important <3

For me, I’m supporting and donating my time and work through this illustration! 😀

I’m not making any money from this so I’m just talking about it and my fanart ;D But this cause is definitely up my alley since I’ve been blogging so long about my personal feelings, thoughts and life plus I’ve been trying to sort out my mental health and breaking down my own self limiting belief systems. Surviving. Always learning and doing my best :’)

Just happy to be part of it!

What does this piece mean to me? Leonie rambles version

That sometimes I still manage to play and have fun games! Gasp! Leonie plays games?! I thought she just watches them :’)

Generally I don’t have much time or interest to play many video games (aside from some bias with some Nintendo games and interesting indie titles that are fun to play) but I do watch them out of curiosity and to experience them at least in a passive way for the glorious story, music, audio design, experience and/or art! This goes for most narrative driven games or long RPGs – I’d rather watch them like a movie ;D Games are great!

Generally I like to play some games that let me forget real life problems and just escape for a session. Or put up some gameplay or podcast in the background for a more relaxed vibe when I’m working on something. Let my mind rest from worry, worst case scenarios and unhelpful thoughts for a while. Rest and chill with some entertainment.

I often get tense and focused on whatever I’m doing so I need as much help I can get to relax even if it is pretend, parasocial company. :’) Or engage with some great video essays about shows and movies I haven’t watched before.

Other times I do allow myself time to sit with my thoughts. And let it be. Let my mind wander. This is important when I feel like I need the solitary quiet to listen to my own overwhelming muddle of thoughts and feelings. If I’m lucky, positive ideas come around. Or I write some notes down too if I need to take as much time as I need to get my head around things. Or I search for knowledge and keep learning!

Always learning to slow down, be kind and understanding with myself and self care :’)

The illustration process for the Links

Started this during the 2nd week of March and it was due in the middle of March. So I gave myself less than a week – it was really tight! I didn’t know what to draw so I opted for what I have been playing at the time, for the first time – The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. I enjoyed it better than Triforce Heroes, as much as I liked its silly costumes and emotes.

My initial sketch.

I just wanted to draw silly shenanigans for fun and didn’t really plan like I usually would for a project. I had myself playing the game too.

Sad that I’ve lost a lot of the rough vibes of the original sketch but hey design and scope decisions had to be made.


This was where I was wondering what the background should be. Got too ambitious in hindsight. Admittedly I just wanted to draw silly Links for this illustration. 😉

First pass of the lineart.

Defining and reworking what I’m actually drawing as well. Lineart like this is terribly time consuming, intense and gets me into a focused, zen mode. So one must take breaks else you get hand cramps and repetitive strain injuries!

Final pass of the lineart.

A lot of mistakes to get here and cut out everything except the Links for the sake of scaling down scope. I got quite frustrated. Definitely the “I don’t like this” stage of the art process. Made adjustments and was more realistic with how much time I’m willing and able to spend making this illustration.

I don’t particularly enjoy illustrating backgrounds so I didn’t want to spend too much time on it. I know I can’t always avoid backgrounds – I’ll learn doing them well eventually. Eventually.

But in this case I do what I want ;P

Blocking in the colours!

Looking back I feel like I have lots of room for improvement! I do know this is a case of “just get something good enough done and learn to do better next time”. Perfectionism has no place here but progress instead!

Always feel like I have a lot of work ahead of me to get out of this creative rut. Hopefully and eventually! Probably as many years as it needs :’)

Final illustration!

This whole project took me 20 hours and it was off the cuff too! I wish I was “faster/efficient” but I’d rather do my best with quality than stress and rush myself.

Lineart took the most time and I guess I’m more of a slow, comprehensive artist than a “get it done quick, professional and good” high level. I need more art mileage to get better in these areas.

I will get better with practice! One day! The struggle is part of the creative process. Learning! This illustration was my excuse to make fanart anyway! 😀

Digressing! Consider supporting the Coping Companion card deck!

Or just spread the word!

Thanks for reading and see you next time! 😀

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