Portraits from imagination + Eadweard Muybridge frame studies!
Reflecting on art brain dumps, AI art discourse & I continue to juggle life and trying to relax better :’)

Doing some pages of fundamental studies!

And personal reflective ramble about life/art juggling and trying to not stress about it as usual.

Final week of kimo figure drawing studies!

Reflecting on my current headspace and learning.

More figure drawing this week!

Reflecting on being slow paced and other anxious thoughts.

Last month I started doing the yearly Kimo(dameshi) challenge where you post figure studies for 20 days.

Featured here was Day 1.

It goes downhill from here as I document & struggle with the 1st week :’)

Struggling with Skeletal studies!

And getting existential and gloomy from tracking metrics :’)

Drawing Cabaret Couture life drawing!

Doodling people because I’m rusty.

Sketchpost 16 / Figures and fashion studies, Vivian timelapse + reflecting on “positive arrogance” & these patron posts [patron only]!

Sketchpost 15 / DTIYS illustration timelapse, figure drawing and portraits + letting go of results, perfectionism & final interesting finds in this blog post [patron only]

Sketchpost 14 / Figure studies, posting break times, notes on working hours, work modes, focus and cognitive biases, time management + LeonieUpdate in this post! [patron only]

Sketchbook 13 / Figure studies, doodles + ramble about dreams, prestige, hustle culture and purpose [patron only]

Sketchbook / Anatomy arm muscle studies part 2 + LeonieArtRambles podcast reflection!

Also reflecting on art learning, metrics and posting art.

= Figure & anatomy studies!
= Patreon housekeeping
= Future hopes for patron-only posts and questions for you!

= Figure studies I’ve done / Figuary
= Open for freelance work! flails arms about!
= What saying no means & fears that came up
= Posting future sketchbook updates only for patrons after this