In this blog post:
❧ the art & subtitled timelapse!
❧ bummed from metrics again
❧ let’s get superstitious! Predictions for the Year of the Dragon and personal update!

I ramble about:
– playing slow in story mode
– switch friend code for Splatoon 3 & reflecting on online boundaries,
– Splatoon 3 doodle,
– Deep Cut timelapse
– venting about the doctor & struggling with my iron deficiency :’)

Practice practice practice!

Finally finished this impromptu doodle!
Ramble on the Mario Strikers demo.
And health update :’)

All the mixed feelings :’)
Trying to learn & practice watercolour!
And little personal ramble for the week.

Tachigami, the Celestial God of Power Slash!
LeonieUpdate and ramble about art struggles after coming back from her break!

Fanart & Y3M1 Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

HermitBurp Introspection: hullo sadness

Hullo: So there’s a Fanart Debate

The Past Month: Hocus Pocus Simplify!

Incoming Month: New Journey Ahead! Joining Mighty Games!