In this blog post:
– speedpaint text commentary for this fanart
– Twitter & social media woes
– not sure about my Thread account
– reflecting on some youtube videos, romance & asexuality, hustle culture, personal update & taking a break

I reflect on making this Princess Zelda illustration, on my favourite Zelda games, I question my purpose like a frustrated artist and more :’)

I ramble about my sappy mixed feelings and expressing & interpreting them in this blog post.

When I can’t really express how I’m feeling through words, through my awkward body language and my deadpan facial expression :’)

And reflecting on my birthday (which was over a week ago!) Please keep it to this blog; I don’t want to mention it on social media.

Final public LeonieUpdate!
I’m back with updated plans to future blog posts, why I’m quitting my instagram + facebook page (huge page of social media sources too) and interesting finds on beauty standards, stage shows, games, online boundaries, parasocial relationships, cultural belonging, changes to blog posts & more in this long blog post!

Fanart / Week of Marina from Animal Crossing, last LeonieUpdate of 2020!
Personal update, reflecting on my art, plans for next year and more!
Catch you next year!

Fanart / Week of Molly from Animal Crossing + LeonieUpdate, reflecting on videos I watched, why the Japanese are so lonely, how we’re manipulated to believe that talent belongs to the beautiful & more.

Sketchbook 10 / Figure drawings & ramble about the social media art grind! [patron only]

Illustration / Don’t mess with Paw Paw, process + LeonieUpdate about learning as a newbie, narcissists, toxic positivity, Mulan 2020 vent, interesting finds and more!

Sketchbook / Calm gestures, figure drawing & portrait sketches + embracing that I am terrible and have much to learn at art 🖤

I ramble about artist block and motivation!

This week’s MondayLeonieUpdate:
★ a little personal SuperLeonieMode comic
★ my unpublished Animal Crossing patterns
★ personal update, thoughts on Outer Wilds, learning about Covid19 risks, The Boy Who Would be King (2019) & more
★ blocking myself from social media almost all day
★ Reflecting about Autism: building confidence & letting go of people you love
★ Leonie’s Animal Crossing & gaming shenanigans!

Ignore social media and group social things sometimes, focus on occasional 1 to 1 catch ups & activities with my few, kind friends, do what I can with job hunting, freelancing and retreat into my bubble to learn and take care of myself.

SuperListenMode: Thank you for your support!!  Email me for urgent, important things! Or just reach out on social media, I’ll get back to you eventually. Currently …

SuperListenMode: Lady shakes fist at social media boundaries, feelings & struggles + misc MIGW notes ★ Read more » » »