Bunch of SuperLeonieMode comics within!

2016 Melbourne International Games Week Edition: Photos and GCAP2016 BurpDoodles PDF

GCAP DAY ONE: Video & Mentions

GCAP DAY TWO: Video & Mentions

WIGLunch & Adventures: Videos & Mentions

PAXAus DAY ONE Video & Mentions

PAXAus: Nanojam 2.0 Panel Shenanigans: my 1st ever panel!

PAXAus DAY TWO Video & Mentions

PAXAus DAY THREE Video & Mentions

PAXAus: Character Concept Creation Panel

Summary & Reflection: Networking, Getting into the industry,

Reflecting on BurpDoodles & LeonieTalks + 

Heroes and Fans, Humility and Arrogance!

Whole bunch of SuperListenMode comics within

Y3M10 Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

Hermit Bear Leonie Fumbles with Inktober: experimental art!

Shooty Skies’s Retro Arcade Update (as I did the art)

& Nightmare Before Christmas Learning & Arting (since I did the Disney Crossy Road Nightmare Before Christmas update)

The Past Month: Contours & Rambling!