SuperLeonieMode 325 / I’m Officially on the Hipster Whale team as a part time artist! ๐Ÿณ

Well this is a pleasant surprise! I’m also humbled and happy that yesterday’s post & notes on instagram and facebook resonated with people (thank you so much for the kind support)!

Tiny, quiet timelapse from ClipStudioPaint!

I’m still learning this program and I did this during the late hours of the night :’)

Anyhoo, this timelapse feature is great! Yes I had to cut out the Crossy Chicken fanart because they didn’t look too great unfortunately ๐Ÿ“

Also disclaimer with whatever I say here at my blog or on social media: they definitely do not officially represent the views of my company/Hipster Whale. I’m always sharing my personal thoughts, views and notes!

SuperLeonieMode #325: Officially on the Hipster Whale team as a part time artist! ๐Ÿต๐Ÿณ๐Ÿ‹๐ŸŽ‰

I’ve been a casual on/off contractor for over a year so I didn’t expect this; thank you so much & for having me on the team! ๐Ÿ˜Š

I drew this doodle when paperwork was getting settled late January!

Stressing that I was genuinely and emotionally preparing myself to do my best as a freelance and independent artist without instagram and facebook after my hiatus. My decision to quit instagram and my last blog post are not related to my HW artist role because I started drafting and researching my blog post since December’s famous instagram article. I didn’t expect ending up with a secure part time artist role to land upon when I returned from my social media break!

After 2 years of unstable freelancing, now I’m a remote studio artist and striving to be a better independent artist! Things happened to magically line up for me to be able to juggle and do my best at both :’)

For those new here, I did my first Hipster Whale project in 2016 with updating Crossy Road and other Hipster Whale projects through Mighty Games on and off for 3 years. Then I worked as a casual, art contractor on their projects during 2019 and 2020.

I wasn’t really expecting anything beyond that, given how incredibly difficult it is to make art a stable living and career (a lot of artists are super brave and amazing when they do their best with what they have, especially knowing how nothing lasts forever!) So to be on the safe side, I honestly thought was I going to stay as an occasional helper/contractor. I let go of expectations, focused on helping out when I’m needed, I didn’t/don’t really mind too much about “getting into the industry again” and I didn’t want to stress and drain myself too much about performing to fit in :’)

So suddenly (a handful of weeks ago) they gave me a kind offer and now I’m officially part of the Hipster Whale team! Goodness thank you! This is real! :0!! Thank you Hipster Whale peeps for having me officially on the team; they gave me a wonderful, kind welcome yesterday while I was scrambling to adjust to things, future meetings and sort out my new work routine and hermit hours (I’m still adjusting!) :’D

To put things bluntly, I’m somewhat relieved and grateful for the kind security from the turbulent waters of freelancing. I feel less of the ongoing financial stress, uncertainty and anxiety with my meandering career and unstable freelancing journey :’) Feeling lucky (in the present) to be able to work and help out among good, friendly, understanding, skilled people who love tea and games :’) I won’t be resting on my laurels of course; I got to keep doing my best with what I have at my now official job :0!!

Perhaps it’s not financially wise and it does make things tight for me but I’m doing this on a 3 day part time basis as my default. This is because I know my personal limits, I’m aware of my own intense way & flow of working, they probably don’t need me full time, it keeps things flexible for us, it’s generally better than my rollercoaster, unstable freelance career and I’m compromising a potential full time salary to carve out time for recovery time, mental health, life, personal art and learning too.

Yes I’m still going ahead with my plans to focus considerable time on learning, blogging and making personal art this year :0! So lots of fun juggling and managing my low energy, routine, focus, tension, sleep schedule, autism, work, art, learning, exercise & blog times!

Am I open for freelance work? Well it’ll be rare because it depends if it’s worth compromising my learning plan and routine, if it’s *really* interesting and fun for me, if it has reasonable deadlines, expectations and if it’s well paid ;D

Digressing! Stressing that I’m super grateful for the Hipster Whale team and also my small handful of generous, kind patrons who have stuck and supported me throughout my art & life journey (some even before I started patreon)! As usual, I’ll keep being frugal where I can as I juggle work, learning, blogging and life :’)

After a couple of dry freelance months of mostly doing my own thing, I just started my first official week and I will need considerable trial and error time to adjust to a new life routine between employee mode and independent artist mode. For a start I’m trying to wake up a bit earlier today haha

Wow. I still feel weird. I didn’t think I would be a little studio artist again :’)

Here’s one of the Hipster Whale anniversary patches I helped with & designed!

This is much kudos to Nerissa; it’s her anniversary patches project and idea!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I designed a lot of patches for her and the Hipster Whale team last year (not knowing that I would actually become part of the team and get one myself) and I got the Day One Patch one since I’m now an official employee!

I may or may not get more patches since I’m technically not a Hipster Whale newbie but we’ll see haha! I’ll share them if I do ! ;D Gosh all of them involved puns and my brain melted :’)

This one turned out great, whoa! I don’t know what to do with it :0

Thank you so much for reading!!

I was part of the Crossy Road Castle project last year so I kindly got gifted a The Yetee’s Crossy Road Castle Shirt and some Piffle stickers and pin too! I don’t know who designed the shirt illustration but the pin & stickers are all cronobreak’s designs!

Anyhoo, please take care and stay safe! Thank you for reading!! It feels great to write in my blog again after a good break away (:

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