Ignore social media and group social things sometimes, focus on occasional 1 to 1 catch ups & activities with my few, kind friends, do what I can with job hunting, freelancing and retreat into my bubble to learn and take care of myself.

I worked with the lovely, supportive Jenny [her website] for her part in the GDC lightning game design talks! I’m sure her talk did wonderfully yesterday! 😀

Here is my artwork for her slides + ramble!

Collection of all the voxel art I’ve done for Crossy Road, Shooty Skies and Disney Crossy Road. I’ve designed and created voxel art that I specified [not everything] and you might have seen some of the concept art and studies I did. I’ll update with new screenshots as I go along.

A lot of gifs in this mega post!

I’m selective because trying my best to learn for every individual I meet can leave me too exhausted and burnt out to care anymore :’) This probably cuts me out from many potential bonding moments with kind company because I’m too aloof, tense, tired and socially overloaded 🙁