🎡Lo-fi boks to celebrate the New Year to ft. Crossy Chicken πŸ”πŸŽΆ Happy New Year 2024! πŸ•―οΈπŸŽŠ

Little animation! “Lo-fi Beats to Bok to” – coworkers came up with these punny lines!

It’ll probably go better with the Crossy Road Castle soundtrack!!! But I don’t have the rights for that haha

As always, thanks Hipster Whale for letting me post the art/animation on my own socials also!

Yes…I do voxel art??

And it’s the first time I’m doing voxel art as marketing art gasp!! :0

“Lo-fi Boks to Bok to” [official post here]

So originally I didn’t have a clear plan when I made this and the 3D “Happy New Year” text didn’t work out.

Not doing 3D text anymore nope :’)

This was particularly a struggle to do because I had to keep nitpicking it with the lighting, colours and animation. Turns out too much animation going on is bad and not even noticeable so I left the wings alone and kept fiddling with this piece.

I’m happy how this came out though! I wanted something chill, cute, colourful and simple and this is what happened.

Admittedly MagicaVoxel is what I’ve been slowly learning and experimenting with during late 2023 rather than the scary beast that is Blender. I don’t feel as intimidated and overwhelmed with MV.

With MagicaVoxel I struggled a lot and documented it for work. When I first tried it out years ago I bounced off from it because it felt user unfriendly compared to now and I am super used to how Qubicle works. I didn’t think I would actually use MV back then! Learning it to explore its capabilities because people make great stuff with it plus there’s a huge range of voxel art styles out there! I am still a newbie and I’m not trying to use every single feature. I’m still using Qubicle!

I guess I don’t consider myself a 3D artist but I am a voxel artist (and have been since 2016) even though I don’t regularly post them directly on my own socials :’) All the other HW artists are amazing at 3D, pixel art, UI art, design/concept and/or 3D animation while I’m just in my voxel art and 2D art corner haha

MagicaVoxel ended up as a way for me to do simple voxel marketing illustrations/animations between projects/tasks. And I may continue doing 2D marketing illustrations/fanart depending on how I feel, if there’s time and if I get opportunities to! :0

I’m finding fun in this so let’s see how I go! I don’t know if I’ll dabble much in Blender though for work so time will tell eep

There’s ideas where MV won’t match what I want so that’s when I may do something else! Hmm ;P

I want to cut things down for years with social media platforms but I’m insecure and indecisive

Have people quit twitter now? Where do people go since bluesky is super quiet, Cara is a small void and threads is a void for me yet it’s full of twitter-esque engagement farming, hot takes & people saying apparently how great it is (because you have to engage a lot there just like instagram used to be). Linkedin is for industry peeps but I can’t seem to tag when scheduling (maybe I’ll give up on tagging HW now). Pixiv and Reddit…a sometimes “it depends” thing. I just learned pinterest locked me out even though I changed the verification thing!

A lot of people are taking time away or not coming back to social media too. I’m finding that it’s generally more quiet. I wish I could take time away but I know by then the momentum would be lost…? Hope to find ways to auto post and/or schedule to bluesky because they don’t have that yet – not that much people are there so I don’t know if it’s worth it as it’s a twitter backup essentially. Or if I should cut it out like with cohost.

I feel like more big engaged following artists are active(??) like Loish on threads than bluesky due to instagram – which is why I am on/off there and feeling conflicted with threads. Still many are still posting on twitter because most won’t move and/or just use it to cross post to all the places anyway :’)

Considering posting less of my personal/study stuff on twitter and instagram and other cross posting places but I don’t know 100% yet and it depends on the platform and the work. This is too much of a headache – this is why I end up crossposting everything anyway because I don’t have stress about catering whether people are interested. Hope to slowly be more confident in what to stick with as I go along…

I know you don’t have to share everything you do online (I don’t share everything actually!) But for the things I do want to share I would want to be able to reach people who are interested. I’m not trying to do memes or share bitesized bits of my life on these platforms when I have my blog here. It’s too saturated now and I’m not that “socially engaged/interactive online” to be able to thrive from it because I don’t enjoy doing that draining cycle of interaction.

I hope I can just focus on my blog & youtube (with discord notifications) and one day not have to worry about platforms :’)

Sorry if I keep venting about this over the years but I am a chronically online autistic hermit and I care because this how I share & document my work and journey. At least I know I’m not the only one tired from it all :<

Gosh I posted so much! I need to write less it took me days ahhh

I think no one’s online during this break and I’m still here :’)

Yeah it’ll take me some time for me to slowly transition and focus more on creating and learning and less time rambling and proofreading too much. Yeah I need to cut down on notes :’)

Anyhoo Happy New Year! Here we go again!

I’m hoping for positive, wholesome, low stress, good and healthy happenings and things! :’)