Illustration / Steve Welz portrait commission, process & reflecting on portrait commissions in general in this blog post [patron only]!

Positive mental health sticker pack designs for Patchgaming!
Design thoughts and process!

Leonie rambles about the past week, ink doodles, mental health, sticker flop, game awards and more.

I worked with the lovely, supportive Jenny [her website] for her part in the GDC lightning game design talks! I’m sure her talk did wonderfully yesterday! 😀

Here is my artwork for her slides + ramble!

Adriel & Rami’s Wedding Icons



VectorBurpQuest attempts

Some Commissions

Mighty Games Ladies Portraits
#nonoFomo WiDGET SuperListenMode comics

“Being Yourself” versus Defining who you are!

Bunch of SuperLeonieMode comics within!

2016 Melbourne International Games Week Edition: Photos and GCAP2016 BurpDoodles PDF

GCAP DAY ONE: Video & Mentions

GCAP DAY TWO: Video & Mentions

WIGLunch & Adventures: Videos & Mentions

PAXAus DAY ONE Video & Mentions

PAXAus: Nanojam 2.0 Panel Shenanigans: my 1st ever panel!

PAXAus DAY TWO Video & Mentions

PAXAus DAY THREE Video & Mentions

PAXAus: Character Concept Creation Panel

Summary & Reflection: Networking, Getting into the industry,

Reflecting on BurpDoodles & LeonieTalks + 

Heroes and Fans, Humility and Arrogance!