On her left

In this blog post:
❧ art process & subtitled speedpaint!
❧ Live action Zelda movie??
❧ Hikikomori, autism & ego deaths
❧ finished Super Mario Bros Wonder!
❧ personal update & more!

Sketchpost 15 / DTIYS illustration timelapse, figure drawing and portraits + letting go of results, perfectionism & final interesting finds in this blog post [patron only]

Hungry Birds Party Game, Playtesting, Spritesheets, Artwork (scroll right below)

Y2W3to4 Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

Other Hermit Burp Adventuuures

Reflection: One door closes, another door opens..,?

Thank YOU!

On Labelling Weeks and Years of Regular Blogging

The Past 2 Weeks

Hullo. Leonie’s small blog island welcomes you. Sit tight and get comfortable. Melbourne Pixar Master class happened in the past week! Scroll down to Friday if …

Week 12 My Melbourne Pixar Master Class 2013 Experience with Andrew Gordon and Matthew Luhn ★ Read more » » »