Little blog ramble about this post, on Bayonetta 3, reflecting about “Everything Everywhere All at Once” & mugs ;D

Personal ramble about things and prune juice ;D

All the mixed feelings :’)
Trying to learn & practice watercolour!
And little personal ramble for the week.

LeonieBear says goodbye 2019, personal lessons of the year, rambling about outside adventures and Frozen 2.

Leonie rambles about the past week, attachment styles, self confidence, confirmation bias, managing emotions, Melbourne city trip photos, getting scammed of a pastry & ink doodles.

Positive mental health sticker pack designs for Patchgaming!
Design thoughts and process!

Leonie rambles about the past week, ink doodles, mental health, sticker flop, game awards and more.

Stickers for sale! It flopped though :’)

Leonie rambles on the past week, ink doodles, Korean sappy entertainment and games.

Leonie rambles about being a slow tortoise and not doing well with competition and ink doodles from the past week.

= Knight of Hearts Character illustration
= Leonie’s character designs & sketchbook
= #ArtvsArtist & trying to feel less existential with her art
= Personal update: Gloomy section, weekly blog posts & routine

= “You don’t have to fight alone” – revisiting my Knight of Hearts Character Design
= Inktober 2019 ends / Leonie’s Sketchbook
= Finally the StickyBones posable figures & Fly Rig I backed since 2016 are here
= Jesse Faden Portrait (Control Fanart)
= Leonie rambles about social media engagement, blog comments & Personal update

= “It’s just a photo” illustration
= Dress references I used from NGV
= Inktober 2019 / Leonie’s Sketchbook
= Lady Sibell Mary Lumley illustrated study & doodle
= I went to the State Library Victoria!! 😀 World of Book exhibition photos
= To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Lara Jean doodle
= Personal update & on self worth

= Birthday giftart for Lauren
= Melbourne city snaps
= Inktober 2019 / Leonie’s Sketchbook
= Ramble about not doing Melbourne International Games week & personal update