In this blog post:
❧ art process & subtitled timelapse!
❧ processing thoughts on the Barbie movie
❧ personal update

In this blog post:
– speedpaint for this piece!
– reverting my efforts in Youtube videos
– morning pages & gratitude journals are not for everyone & other journaling approaches
– quitting pixiv & their AI generated work mess
– personal update

In this week’s blog post:
– the timelapse & feelings
– thoughts on Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarves movie + body image
– issues with Cohost’s ToS so I’m not posting there
– AI art fears and thoughts as it spreads
– personal update

Keen to play; the food looks delicious!
Hungryyyy ;D

Rambling about watching the Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest.
Also new Snowpeak Palace update for Crossy Road Castle & getting the rest of the Hipster Whale anniversary badges I designed 2 years ago :0!

Fanart / Getting Dessert with Kirbyroth, its creative process + LeonieUpdate & interesting finds in this blog post (:

SuperLeonieMode 324 / Happy Love day with Kirby and me! LeonieUpdate, adjusting my blog posts (why and how) & patreon, reflecting on relationships, experiencing pain, guilt and loneliness as an autistic and interesting finds in this blog post!

Fanart / Teatime & Happy Holidays with Sephiroth and Kirbys! [Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]
Ramble on instagram engagement & being confused about Advent Children Complete.
Okay this is the last blog post for the year ;D

Fanart / Week of Olivia from Animal Crossing + LeonieUpdate!
Personal update, Dinosaur LEGO set gift, reflecting about getting more active, The Game Awards, Disney news and more!

= Animal Crossing newbie ramble
= Toning down on the rambling about huge topics where I can
= Patron-only sketchbook thoughts
= Personal update & Interesting Finds
= Kirby photos!

= Kirby’s Air Ride ramble
= My first visit to the Immigration Museum & noms!
= SundayLeonieRamble time! Personal update and slow progress
= Redoing Patreon tier art