Whole bunch of SuperLeonieMode comics within!

Y3M11&12 Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

Why do I art anymore? When everyone is incredible & standards are so high

Recalling poor Graphic Novel attempts; not for me right now
Wait; what do I want to keep doing? 

Questions on making art, inspiration, personal art evolution, what makes art worthwhile, what my art is about & how do you know when it’s done

2016 & 11 months at Mighty Games: From Home Hermit to Studio Hermit Artist haha 

List of notable 2016 “Personal Struggles & Things Learned” blog posts

Special Thanks to people & Personal Stuff to remember 

Artist Jealousy the Overview: Again? Leonie, why?

The Past 2 Months: Recovery from intense MIGW16, Play to Win Documentary, entertainment I saw and hopes for 2017!