Final illustration!

In this MondayLeonieUpdate:

— finished my Paw Paw character illustration from last week! 😀
— personal update: 2020 is a year of clarity! Also on narcissistic fathers & ramble on aspie shutdown and emotional withdrawal
— my birthday happened: reflecting on mortality, getting older, relationships & my career
— game thoughts on Crash 4, Min Min in Smash Ultimate, trailers and more
— Leonie’s Animal Crossing update + gaming shenanigans!

Illustration / Self portraits for my birthday today! 🎂🎉

Please take care & enjoy your weekend with something relaxing, wholesome, gentle, inspiring, nourishing &/or fun 💙
I’m going to try too! So I’m taking a break & shall respond tomorrow 😊

Character design / My Artstation Box of Mystery Challenge submission – my Leader character so far + MondayLeonieUpdate

— Leonie and the Box of Mystery challenge
— struggles & getting stuck with this challenge
— early stages in story, references, sketches and designing my leader character
— deciding to quit the deadline
— Personal update and ramble time
— Reflecting on the 7 signs of Autism in Ladies
— Games, Pokemon Presents and Last of Us Part 2 spoilers
— Leonie’s gaming shenanigans + Animal Crossing

In this MondayLeonieUpdate:
— Sailor Moon & Sailor Mars!
— personal update + facial mask
— PlayStation 5 showcase thoughts
— reflecting about having autism continues: the checklist for ladies + learned helplessness + my thoughts on a well researched information booklet about building close friendships
— interesting finds: Final Fantasy VII remake bits + Tim Minchin + Anthony Padilla’s “I spent a day with ???” videos + Paper Mario: The Origami King Trailer 2 thoughts & more
— Animal Crossing & gaming update!

In this MondayLeonieUpdate:
— Hot chocolate girl again!
— personal update, burn out & creativity as an artist
— more therapeutic thoughts about dealing with narcissism & having autism
— and other interesting finds!

In this MondayLeonieUpdate:
> Inuyasha ramble and thoughts after finishing the SixFanarts Challenge.
> Ramble about having autism & social anxiety traits.
> Personal thoughts & deep dive about surviving with narcissists.
> Expectations around giving and taking
> little Animal Crossing & gaming update
> Interesting finds including short films, Final Fantasy 7 remake reviews & Hairspray Live thoughts