SuperLeonieMode 322 / Chilling and drawing under the shade with a robin [CrossyRoadCastle’s The Great Treehouse Update]!

Close up!

Final sketch:

I was originally alone :’) It seemed weird not featuring a new CrossyRoadCastle character so I added the robin in afterwards.

I realise here that I didn’t really need the top part of this illustration :’)

SuperLeonieMode 322: Chilling and drawing under the shade with a robin [their official tweet] [trailer] 🌳🌲🐦🦌📔🌈✨

Hey CrossyRoadCastle’s The Great Treehouse update (Tower 4) is here! I worked with Hipster Whale art boss Ashleigh and I did concepts and initial voxel art for the background level decorations during October/November 2020! Under her art direction, I looked at a lot of bizarre treehouses and things :0

For this fanart illustration, I didn’t have any personal experiences of treehouses so I didn’t know what to draw that resonated with me. Ultimately I went with drawing under the shade of a treehouse, having a picnic with a robin :’) In the past I have managed to draw in the shade during a picnic but it didn’t last because I was with other people and I couldn’t focus ;P

The little critters, bees, stars, rainbow, lanterns and vines are integrated here from some of the concepts I did for the treehouse’s background decorations! Helping a bit with decorations pushed me to do backgrounds in this illustration too, even though I don’t like doing them as a focus. Perhaps I enjoy doing it better when it’s more about graphic colourful shapes, it’s more about the story of the illustration and I don’t have to be technically accurate with them. Hmm!

I’m slowly pushing my comfort zone :0

As always, thank you for reading and have a good and safe rest of the week! (:

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