In this blog post:
❧ subtitled art process speedpaint video!
❧ learning more about Persistent Drive for Autonomy autism, unhelpful advice, invisible expectations, body language & eye contact
❧ watched Paprika for the first time
❧ my little Nintendo switch 2023 review and more!

In this blog post:
– speedpaint text commentary for this fanart
– Twitter & social media woes
– not sure about my Thread account
– reflecting on some youtube videos, romance & asexuality, hustle culture, personal update & taking a break

A little ramble about the game, personal update and fanart speedpaint at my blog ;D

I ramble about:
– playing slow in story mode
– switch friend code for Splatoon 3 & reflecting on online boundaries,
– Splatoon 3 doodle,
– Deep Cut timelapse
– venting about the doctor & struggling with my iron deficiency :’)

Fanart / Sailor Uranus♅ & Sailor Neptune♆ + LeonieUpdate!
★ art process for the last pair of sailor scouts I’m doing
★ personal update including: setting boundaries, how women can support men, how to get over the fear of abandonment, signs it’s time to cut out your friend, thoughts on tiger parents, Mario 35th anniversary, hearing about different Mulan 2020 reviews & other interesting finds

Illustration / Kiss of Symbiosis 💙
Got existential on all the people, activities, essentials and things I depend on and how I’m taking each step in stride.

What and who am I relying on? What is driving me forward and why?
Aquatic is the CharlieRed August theme!
Process thoughts & latest #LeonieUpdate at my blog!

= Animal Crossing newbie ramble
= Toning down on the rambling about huge topics where I can
= Patron-only sketchbook thoughts
= Personal update & Interesting Finds
= Kirby photos!

= Pokemon Mystery Dungeon demo thoughts
= Personal thoughts on covid19
= Interesting Finds
= Short ramble on “Is there purpose in life”?
= Personal ramble on art and business