Also in this blog post:
❧ art process & subtitled timelapse about my pngtuber!
❧ testing out streaming?
❧ romantic fiction & other things
❧ critique & more how Cara works
❧ Crossy Road, Disney Crossy Road & Shooty Skies 2016 – 2018 compilation video
❧ finally got the courage to leave instagram & twitter
❧ personal, health update & more

In this blog post:
❧ art process & subtitled timelapse!
❧ about my 3 chickens!
❧ catching up on more artist videos about genAI
❧ being more at Cara & Bluesky and less at twitter & instagram
❧ Cara thoughts and critique so far
❧ personal update, being sick, health update & more

In this blog post:
❧ the art & subtitled timelapse!
❧ love day, anime industry, Across the Spiderverse thoughts
❧ personal update and more!

In this little blog post:
❧ the art & subtitled timelapse!
❧ about the update and kudos to HW artists & peeps!

In this blog post:
❧ the art, Drawfest & ol’ figure studies
❧ creative fulfillment; passion projects not for everyone
❧ when art consumes your whole life
❧ scaling back & simplifying my youtube videos, blog posts & twitter

In this blog post:
❧ subtitled art process speedpaint video!
❧ about this big Crossy Road update!
❧ thoughts on boundaries & saying no
❧ notes on making friends as an adult
❧ why autistic people ask so many questions versus getting defensive

In this blog post:
❧ speedpaint & managing loneliness and isolation
❧ struggling with Glaze
❧ will streaming make it less lonely & overstimulating (sensory)?
❧ character designing the Moon Goddess
❧ curating how I do social media
❧ I finally got BlueSky?? And personal update & knee concerns!

Ah mooncake and tea 💛

In this blog post:
– speedpaint for this fanart illustration
– the Game Awards
– reflecting on a “why society hates creative people” video
– personal update, youtube dislikes and reels

Reflecting about my creative block, my art journey, what I want to do with my art, what excites and motivates me too.

Thoughts on Drawfest3 and learning, reflecting on my bday break, my struggle with managing my iron intake and more.

All the mixed feelings :’)
Trying to learn & practice watercolour!
And little personal ramble for the week.

Celebrating the Year of the Tiger with this deadpan, fed up expression ;D

It’s been hidden away for 6 years :’)

Hey I liked these two characters I did for the game!

I ramble about Alice in Wonderland and things :’)

Iterating & reflecting on drawing from imagination :’)