Week 21 Waltzing with sofas and tentacles

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:
I get to do more studies this past week!

 Let’s go crazy! Journal Time!

5th Wed

  • train adventuuures
    Dear heads, Stay still. Kind regards, Leonie
  • PV interviewee: got Heath‘s feedback and made some facial changes to simplify him
  • PV environment/The Creature: finished off colour/creature studies could have done much more but don’t have the time today…next time!!
I want and need to do more studiesss
  • PV interviewee: roughly listed out rough expressions/poses for the model sheet and did a rough expression sheet for the Storyboard artists Victor, Tonko and Tony
It could be better but I guess it’s a good use of those head turnarounds I’ve drawn previously.
  • PV environment: prop planning

6th Thurs

  • PV interviewee: further nitpicking changes this time based from Brendan‘s feedback (it was me who pushed for the nose yet the nose haunts me once again!):
We’re going with this eye design with some nose & eyebrow changes
Nose & Eyebrow changes made to this sheet as well
Nose and eyebrow changes to head turnaround
  • Traditional Sketches on the CEO door’s wall & couch wall of the environment; got surprise encouragement from Brendan on this too
Thumbnail sketch of the Environment/Creature. Keeping things creepy.
  • Developing more the CEO door’s wall by getting Harry’s pointers in the possibilities of animating UVs and discussing technicalities with Tonko and Will in how the Environment/The Creature will be made
  • The Creature/Environment: digitally started drawing in possible things
CEO door wall/The Creature’s core/mouth thumbnailed idea. Yes they’re eyeballs.
Waiting Area wall thumbnail with placeholders marked
Exit/Entrance wall thumbnail
Secretary area wall thumbnail
  • PV couch: as Tonko wanted to model a Chesterfield sofa, I started putting a stylised version of it in the thumbnail above and looked for references so that Tonko can start it over the weekend.

7th Fri

  • PV Environment/The Creature: kept bringing up with my team members about the environment details which then somehow got Victor coming up with an idea that was further developed by him, Tonko and Will into the ongoing in progress animatic which then took up the whole day. Meanwhile I was trying to get the stylised Chesterfield sofa concept done.
Thumbnails: Opposite wall of the Environment/The Creature. Apologies as usual for the bad camera quality from my phone.
PV Prop Concept Art of a stylised old chesterfield sofa. Hopefully when I add colours I would make it look more worn out and puffy and flat in other areas. Looking forward in seeing how Tonko will take this into 3D and sculpt in all the leathery wrinkles.

 8th Sat

  • PV Research: in spite of how some people claim I “always” research, I do so because I need to! I had to research more things because new props have materialised as the animatic developed.
  • PV eyeballs: thumbnailing/studies begin
Tentacle & Eyeball Thumbs and studies pg1: I looked at squid and octopus eyeballs and perhaps some cuttlefish. Blue ringed octopus, jellyfish and blue sea dragons among other things.

9th Sun

  • PV project management: adding my list tasks in
  • PV CEO wall: tentacle & eyeball thumbs continued since the other 4 characters, the walls, the floor–a lot will require tentacles so I need to explore this playground of slimy appendages.
Tentacle & Eyeball Thumbs and studies pg2
Tentacle & Eyeball Thumbs and studies pg3

10th Mon

  • PV tentacle, wallpaper palette and door possibilities
Tentacle & Eyeball Thumbs and studies pg4
Tentacle & Eyeball Thumbs and studies pg5
CEO door, the Exit door, octopus beak mouths and some other assorted thumbnails

11th Tues

  • PV office interior object thumbnails; I started many pages but didn’t finish them all!
I did get to finish a whole page of thumbs for the briefcase! Phew!

Reflection for the Week

I know I’m taking heaps upon my plate by striving to design everything in this film (I hope I don’t hold up the upcoming early stages of production) but it’s important to me that everything created fits within this world (and to prevent having to start from scratch because of it), so I’m willing to see how far I can push it and do the best I can! (:

Thanks for looking! (:
Until next time, Leonie