Drawing practice, pd, Gestures: for gestures, been doing them on paper instead; not much different from the digital ones I showed a few weeks back so I didn’t bother transferring them digitally haha

Anatomy learning: heads heads heads…it’s becoming a chant! Oh dear! haha

Position: Vacant poster: had to resize/crop it to an A3 size version.
The A: new personal project in discussion

Fanart: I can explain! Next week that is.

Arm strain; eh breaks are keeping them at bay

Characters for the Week: ahhh terrible brain dumps

Stone Project

Anatomy learning: heads heads heads

Gestures: just a bit

Arm strain; the exercise and early bird resting really helped heaps! As well as breaks of course. I feel more functional at least haha This dot point serves as a reminder to me. Your well being is very important too! The journey is a life long marathon, not a sprint!

Study buddy fun times: time for the monthly turnaround exercise/challenge again!

 I feel so weird using hashtags and such a title. But I’m using it with purpose! I’m finally releasing this poster like freeing a bird from its cage! Also a discussion of my personal fears at my reflection section so skip that if you want. (:

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