In this blog post:
❧ the art, Drawfest & ol’ figure studies
❧ creative fulfillment; passion projects not for everyone
❧ when art consumes your whole life
❧ scaling back & simplifying my youtube videos, blog posts & twitter

Portraits from imagination + Eadweard Muybridge frame studies!
Reflecting on art brain dumps, AI art discourse & I continue to juggle life and trying to relax better :’)

Lots of terrible heads
And current health update :’)

Doing some pages of fundamental studies!

And personal reflective ramble about life/art juggling and trying to not stress about it as usual.

Final week of kimo figure drawing studies!

Reflecting on my current headspace and learning.

More figure drawing this week!

Reflecting on being slow paced and other anxious thoughts.

Struggling with Skeletal studies!

And getting existential and gloomy from tracking metrics :’)

Reflecting on boxes, not worrying about art goals/dreams and tracking habits & progress.

Why am I doing this when I’m from the Southern hemisphere!
Witness my struggle in real time :’)

The life long learning journey!!
Some self directed learning shenanigans from Stephen Silver (:

And thoughts on mastery, long term fulfillment and the growth mindset.

Iterating & reflecting on drawing from imagination :’)

Drawing Cabaret Couture life drawing!

Doodling people because I’m rusty.