Ignore social media and group social things sometimes, focus on occasional 1 to 1 catch ups & activities with my few, kind friends, do what I can with job hunting, freelancing and retreat into my bubble to learn and take care of myself.

I’m selective because trying my best to learn for every individual I meet can leave me too exhausted and burnt out to care anymore :’) This probably cuts me out from many potential bonding moments with kind company because I’m too aloof, tense, tired and socially overloaded 🙁

Leonie rambles!
I’ve come across so many reputable artists talking about keeping sketchbooks all the time. Filling them, doing deliberate practice, studying and learning at tremendous speeds. That you have to have a sketchbook with you at all times. Fill up X number of pages a day, week, month, year.

That you *should* do this and that if you want *this career*.

There’s one side when friends know how you’re doing lately in a respectful way and it’s super heartwarming that they cared enough to keep tabs and spend the time to read my social media posts! Only a few but still!

I don’t talk much in person as it is like an awkward, introverted, quiet butt that I am, so thank youuu ♥

Rambling about energy and socialising.

Hey, I don’t have many extrovert friends but good ones are super pleasant, understanding, positive, entertaining and fun to be around! ♥