Pietro for SixFanarts? Plus ramble on self confidence & Pietro
Leonie Rambles:
Animal Crossing & games with peeps update!
personal update, interesting finds, finished watching Final Fantasy IV Remake & a bit of The Sound of Music (2013) show thoughts

= Animal Crossing ramble

Personal update time:
= Animal Crossing update & slides at my blog instead of instagram stories
= Social media note; indefinitely not checking twitter feed
= Thoughts on Brawlhala, the new Paper Mario game and CATS the musical

About Doraemon!
Personal update time:
silly hurt feelings vent
avoidant & anxious attachment styles
Autism vs ADHD
deciding how to best fit in studies
Ring Fit Adventure progress yay

Ankha from Animal Crossing ramble
Personal update time: about Animal Crossing mostly ;D
Ramble about Final Fantasy 7 Remake & other interesting finds too