Mighty Serious/Mighty Games published T.E.A.M. in April and since I’m back from my posting break early this month, I am ready to show some of the art I did!

Reflecting on working on this project, art direction, crunching, art process, learning UI art, personal lessons, performance anxiety + concept art and vector portraits.

Collection of all the voxel art I’ve done for Crossy Road, Shooty Skies and Disney Crossy Road. I’ve designed and created voxel art that I specified [not everything] and you might have seen some of the concept art and studies I did. I’ll update with new screenshots as I go along.

A lot of gifs in this mega post!

Adriel & Rami’s Wedding Icons



VectorBurpQuest attempts

Some Commissions

Mighty Games Ladies Portraits
#nonoFomo WiDGET SuperListenMode comics

“Being Yourself” versus Defining who you are!

Y4M11&12 + Y5M1 Leonie Yue’s Social Media Recap & Sketchbook

Four years of serious blogging! Let’s look back on 2017! 

Managing Social Media & “Influencers” Ramble

 & 2 years at Mighty Reflection Ramble!

“My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness” book: Personal Thoughts on Sexuality, Relationships, Passion, Family Approval, searching for Belonging & Loneliness

On embracing Singledom, Solitude & Accepting Yourself as you are evolving Part 2

The Past 3 Months: Curling into a ball & starting on my Self Confidence “I am enough” plan
Thoughts on my love for blogging

“Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond” Thoughts on Free Will, Identity, Creativity and the Many Masks we all Wear to get by

The Importance of having a Breakdown

About “FLOW” – the secret to happiness – an old TED Talk

“Failure motivates me” & Melbourne Global Game Jam 2018!

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (: More Leonie rambles about learning and arting 😉 > Edit Nov 2018: All the formatting for this blog post …

AUG2017: “Character Design! I want to learn ALL the things!!” // NZGDC & GCAP prep, QuestyQuest, CharmingRunes & ol’ CharmingKeep ★ Read more » » »

Bunch of SuperLeonieMode comics!

Y3M7 Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

A series of random topics: a Still Life question & the Games Industry!

Mighty Games Shenanigans: just being silly?

The Past Month: recap & internet drama & The Guardian Feature thoughts!

Bunch of SuperLeonieMode comics

Y4M6 Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

Framed 2 is out! All my Concept Art & thoughts for the Polaroid Photos!

Mighty Games Shenanigans: Charming Runes and ShootySkies

The Past Month: Personal things, 
Accepting Singledom, 

Social Media, 

Video games & Distracted by E3 2017

Cool things for Productivity,

It was my Birthday!

A bunch of SuperLeonieMode comics

Y4W4 Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

On having the Courage and Patience to Learn, Create, Love & Do Good Anyway!

Mighty Games Shenanigans: Charming Runes Launch Comic

& Personal Lilo & Stitch Studies

The Past Month: Miraculously I went to Sydney for my first time because I’m a finalist for the MCV Pacific 2017 Women in Game Awards?!