Fanart / Sailor Senshi illustrations, my Figurarts figures & weekly update!

In this blog:

  • individual art for each sailor scout
  • friendship ramble
  • photo of my sailor figures
  • InterestingFinds this week
  • trying to not take this blog so seriously

Sailor Jupiter/Lita Kino ♃

Sailor Mars/Raye Hino ♂️

Sailor Mercury/Amy Mizuno ☿️

Sailor Moon/Serena Tsukino/Bunny Rabbit 🌙🐇

Sailor Venus/Mina Aino/Sailor V ♀️

The five wonderful friends and heroes 💖

I think these five as well as the other sailor guardians gave me unrealistic friendship expectations and disappointment growing up as most of the time, I didn’t have anyone to depend on emotionally in the long run. Learning last year that the original creator made Sailor Moon because she was lonely and wanted to have such friendships in her real life. Oof I feel that :’)

Friendships in real life are much more complex. Still the messages of love, kindness and understanding through Sailor Moon is still pretty heartwarming and encouraging. Lots of dark themes too as I find myself watching a few youtube clips of the old anime.

Also I recently learned that the scouts look the same before and after their magical girl transformations because they were aimed at little/teenage girls so they need to be easier to recognise :0 And that past concept/manga iterations of Sailor Moon had her with silver hair and human Serena had pink hair!! That’s why Sailor Chibi Moon had pink hair to pay tribute to past concept iterations! Whoa!!

My brother gifted these wonderfully cute Figurarts Sailor Scouts to me last December! 💝

I finally took them out and posed them! I’m super impressed with the quality! They are part of my personal support team who will cheer sad little me on :’)

I watched my first Sailor Moon musical too and it was quite good! :0 It’s making me want to make more sailor moon fanart because they’re fun to draw and makes me nostalgic ;D

Personal Update

  • I started to read a bit before bed and making it a habit! I don’t know how long it will last but it’s helping me relax better before falling asleep. I recently finished reading Tait Ischia’s Copywrong to copywriter and a lot of it were reminders about knowing you want to communicate to your audience. Audience profile, grammar and call to action basics. I don’t know if I learned anything substantially new nor memorable and it feels more suited to newbies.
  • finally AC maintenance came and lots of things got cleaned. There’s always things to clean ahhhhh!! There’s much more to throw out but we aren’t bothered :’)
  • happy Parasite won Best Picture for the Oscars; been wanting to watch it since it came out in cinemas and all the great reviews but I couldn’t. I shall eventually! I’ll ramble about it when I do.
  • I finally played the demo of The Touryst on the switch as recommended by a friend and it’s pretty chill and great!
  • someone left their own secret sugary cakes *open* in the pantry so it needed to be cleaned of ants, it was gross D:

Interesting finds in the past week!

Shall phase this section out as I can see that after doing this the second time I will struggle to keep up with it and it feels like it’s too extra – people aren’t that interested anyway :0 Or I might merge it with my Personal Ramble dot point section heheh

Focused on making art; trying to not take this blog too seriously

I might need to dial down how seriously I take my personal blog posts. I’m just rambling to the void and reflecting on my progress and mental health after all. I realise now that most don’t care to read if I judge how many views a post gets. Last Sunday’s Byleth post got 7 kind views and my Love Day post got 11 if that helps give context. It ranges consistently around 6 to 10 at the moment so it looks pretty bad that the interest in the blog isn’t there.

Does it matter, Leonie? Why are you feeling so bummed about it?? You weren’t bummed about lack of readers when you were a studio artist. Most of the time you don’t get worded feedback so does it really matter? ;P

I’m just trying to figure out how to best spend my time because I know this is not the best way to “market” myself ;'( It’s great for me to reflect, vent and document though since it’s an ongoing journey after all. It’s part gratitude journal, part reflection/clarity journal and part diary. I shouldn’t expect even more things out of this blog nor take it so personally! I do get carried away in my own head here :’)

I am considering experimenting with youtube audio versions of a few blog rambles so that I can ramble to more ears. Maybe once a month? Get more speaking confidence and practice again. So if it does happen, you know why haha. I’m testing things and making mistakes!

Being self aware!! I don’t know my art making rhythm yet as I’m just striving to make, experiment, post and study art when I can. At the moment it looks like it’s at least weekly on Sundays? Am I supposed to be an art pumping machine?? I’m still stumped on coming up with a project I can stick to and stay interested/invested in while I keep pushing my skills.

Trying to not stress out over this as it makes it worse and more paralysing.

Ultimately I know that “getting good” is a life long and firstmost thing to work on. My silly mind is just going in doubtful circles :’) Wrah! They’ll never completely go away :<

Stop ruminating and just keep arting and learning Leonie! Things will be okay even though things seem pretty dry and hopeless with work. It’s okay.

If you managed to read all of this, thank you so much for listening to me ramble and let off some steam! Thank you for bearing with me as I keep reminding and reassuring my sad self in all of these blog posts.

Please enjoy the rest of your day and the new week ahead! <3

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