Little personal blog post and ramble!

Also in this little blog post about personal feelings, creative control, personal update & more.

In this blog post:
– speedpaint for this!
– Nessie / Alien / Big foot splatfest
– Tears of the Kingdom ramble
– latest update/lessons from my computer shenanigans & troubles
– ramble about videos on “A.I.”, Vtubers & more
– personal and health update

In this week’s blog post:
– the timelapse & feelings
– thoughts on Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarves movie + body image
– issues with Cohost’s ToS so I’m not posting there
– AI art fears and thoughts as it spreads
– personal update

* This is is a 10 minute read! * “It rains non-stop every day. It constantly rains in my heart too.” – Kaoru from Rilakkuma and …

Kaoru from Rilakkuma and Kaoru [Fanart] & being existential about life ★ Read more » » »

– Patreon Tier art
– Digital studies & ongoing healing from creative burnout
– How is Leonie doing after 3 months?
– Anxieties and finally letting go of being a game artist
– What’s this “progress updates” thing?
– Flexible posting schedule and blog comments return!
– The plan now: reflecting, getting up & keep on rolling