A few A Link Between Worlds fanart, Leonie Pinelli fanart from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Proko skull, Kirby cake and on my posting schedule.

= Support CheckPoint’s Coping Companion deck!
= What does this piece mean to me? Leonie rambles version
= The illustration Process for the Links

Mighty Serious/Mighty Games published T.E.A.M. in April and since I’m back from my posting break early this month, I am ready to show some of the art I did!

Reflecting on working on this project, art direction, crunching, art process, learning UI art, personal lessons, performance anxiety + concept art and vector portraits.

– Patreon Tier art
– Digital studies & ongoing healing from creative burnout
– How is Leonie doing after 3 months?
– Anxieties and finally letting go of being a game artist
– What’s this “progress updates” thing?
– Flexible posting schedule and blog comments return!
– The plan now: reflecting, getting up & keep on rolling