Oh no

A mini reflective ramble & update

In this blog post:
– art process & text commentary video
– avoiding Tears of the Kingdom spoilers
– Fire Emblem black tea
– workload with making videos & blog posts
– how to fix “waiting mode”
– reflecting on my autistic shutdowns and meltdowns
– declining attention spans & managing time on the internet
– personal update

Hey I’m back! I ramble about Splatoon 3, avoiding games week,
the Animal Crossing/Splatoon concert,
adjusting my posting schedule
and life stuff :’)

Head empty, doing your best one small step at a time.

Also busy busy busy juggling and stressing

Sometimes, why bother :’)

Doodling people because I’m rusty.

Life of a low energy blob

And ramble about the Raya and the Last Dragon movie.

I ramble about games I’m looking forward to! And I’m taking a break next week :’)

Illustration / Weird Self Portrait Day + LeonieUpdate, Halloween with Animal Crossing and more interesting finds!

Leonie rambles about being a slow tortoise and not doing well with competition and ink doodles from the past week.