Mighty Games/Hipster Whale: the Voxel Art edition

Collection of all the voxel art I’ve done for Crossy Road, Shooty Skies and Disney Crossy Road. I’ve designed and created voxel art that I specified [not everything] and you might have seen some of the concept art and studies I did. I’ll update with new screenshots as I go along. A lot of gifs! Note that I did not implement all the voxel art into the game myself.

Please forgive the video title popping up in some gifs; it’s taken me a few days to make gifs that actually worked. I tried my best. I even made a distorted, static gif by accident one time!

And I used imgur for the first time too! I only got downvotes for my public posts. Now I’m in the negatives in terms of standing. So I kept everything private again. 🙁

I don’t want internet popularity so it’s all good but I guess people don’t like my posts there. I’m just using imgur so I could upload larger GIF files but they sometimes turn out janky. What is imgur for anyway? What is their audience looking for? Memes, comics and entertainment it seems? I don’t want to be judged with votes, nor do I want to be part of a internet contest. We have that already with social media 😛

Many thanks to Rhiannon & Mel for helping me make these screenshots and GIFs possible <3 <3 <3

Crossy Road voxel art – Baby animals update (2016)

I created all the animals except baby duck! This includes the babies: chicken, bear, bunny, fawn, fox cub, seal, hippo, kitten, iguana hatchling, puppy, tiny pony.

Crossy Road voxel art – Dinosaurs update (2016)

I designed & created all the characters & environment.

My blog post at the time.

Crossy Road: Dinosaur update character selection screen
I designed & created all the characters (2016)


Disney Crossy Road voxel art – Alice Through the Looking Glass update (2016)

I did some of the characters and all of the environment. I don’t have too much screenshots of Disney Crossy Road but you can go play it! :’)

Shooty Skies voxel art – Anarchy from the 80’s update (2016)

I created the player ships, boss, tilemap and characters only (2016). This includes: Jumpy, Princess Powerful Fist, Ode to Joystick, Ghostblin, Dig Bug, Star Invader, Race Position, Insert Coin, Cosmoxian, Colonel Cube, Neon Rider, Pinball Wizard.

Here’s my dedicated blog post back then.

Disney Crossy Road voxel art – Nightmare Before Christmas update (2016)

I did all of the characters and environment! It was a lot of characters, the biggest update too. A few characters got cut though. Was really happy when apparently Tim Burton approved all my character and environment without any further feedback :’0

Here’s my blog with my studies and fanart.

Disney Crossy Road voxel art – Mulan update (2016)

I did all of the characters and environment. I was super proud of this update! It’s one of my favourite worlds to work on since it’s one of my favourite movies 😀

Here’s my blog with my studies.

Shooty Skies voxel art – LNY Year of the Rooster update (2017)

I did the player ships and characters only. My blog post.

Including characters: Shooty Rooster, Dancing Lion, There’ll always be fish, Tangyuan to go, Knot Knot, Best Wishes, Go Lightly, Dumpling Days, Goose Lee, Mandarin Basket, Beatdown,

Character selection screen.


Disney Crossy Road voxel art – Pirates of the Caribbean updates (2016 & 2017)

I did all of the characters and environment. For reference I watched all the 3 movies, except the latest one :’)

Gosh the later movies weren’t that good :<

Disney Crossy Road voxel art – Beauty and the Beast update (2017)

I did all of the characters and environment! Here’s my studies blog post.

Disney Crossy Road voxel art – Lilo and Stitch update (2017)

I did all of the characters and environment. Here’s my studies blog post.

This is my last Disney Crossy Road thing I worked on! Eventually Disney took the game down from being available (it’s really up to them now as it is their IP). There’s still players asking for it but it’s gone forever(?) I don’t know.

Crossy Road voxel art – my work for the Space update (2017)

I created most of the characters, including: Astronaut, Rover, Space Dog, Robot Dog, Space Walker. The others were updated to newer versions.

Crossy Road voxel art – my work for the New Zealand update (2018)

I designed & created all the characters.

Crossy Road voxel art – my work for the Ocean update (2018)

I created all the characters [except Merlady & Scuba chicken] & environment. Including Nudibranch, Diver, Skeleton Pirate, Seahorse, Nautilus, Octopus, Starfish, Ocean Turtle, Sea Sponge and Angler Fish.

It’s me in Shooty Skies – it’s me as a character made by Ryan Keable/mulletdulla! (2017)!

I designed myself as a Bear and Ryan Keable created me in voxel art! I didn’t make myself in voxel art but I just wanted to put it here for prosperity. (: My blog post with my concept & giftart.

Gameplay! A lot of the cool VFX is kudos to Ryan too.

Disney Crossy Road – I made myself in the credits!

A lot of voxel art in 3 years, phew!

And thereby ends my post! Phew! I did a lot of work! I can now move on, knowing I have documented the gist of what I’ve done in a blog post (:

Will I do voxel art in the future? Probably if I’m needed. As I’m very much a freelancer now, technically unemployed, always looking for work and working on my portfolio :’)

I’m going to keep going and do things in baby steps as per usual.

Edit June 2024: Note I’m just one of the artists who does Crossy Road art things!

Thus far I’m the artist that has worked on Crossy Road shenanigans the longest on/off since 2016 but I wasn’t there from the beginning which was 2014. A lot of artists have come and gone too.

And it’s going to be 10 years by the end of this year :0!!

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