Fanart / Sailor Pluto♇ & Sailor Saturn♄ + LeonieUpdate!

Art process, being autistic, countering manipulative narcissists, setting and maintaining boundaries and other interesting finds.

Sketchbook / Figure drawing, arm, shoulder and torso muscle studies!
Reflecting on last week’s sketchbook video.

Illustration / Kiss of Symbiosis 💙
Got existential on all the people, activities, essentials and things I depend on and how I’m taking each step in stride.

What and who am I relying on? What is driving me forward and why?
Aquatic is the CharlieRed August theme!
Process thoughts & latest #LeonieUpdate at my blog!

Sketchbook / Anatomy arm muscle studies part 2 + LeonieArtRambles podcast reflection!

Also reflecting on art learning, metrics and posting art.

Fanart / Sailor Venus♀️, progress shots + LeonieUpdate!

Fanart / “The Farewell” (2019) portraits and reflective spoiler ramble

Fanart / Sailor Mercury☿️ & Sailor Jupiter♃ + LeonieUpdate:
★ process for my fanart ;D
★ personal update about art making, habits and breaks, on youtube videos plus interesting finds

Character design + illustration / Carmen from Bowl of Mystery💛🧡 + LeonieUpdate!

= Process for my Mischievous Character & final designs
= little personal update, FaceYourArt challenge & thoughts on the Mean Girls Musical