Falcons are my passion! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿชถ [Crossy Road Medieval update]

Little timelapse!

Picked out two of my characters I did for the Crossy Road Medieval update to draw :0

I did this piece before my other Medieval update fanart actually.


Featuring the falconer & noblewoman!

I just drew what I wanted after my work for the characters and designs were finalised so technically this is fanart and not official marketing art ;D

Leonie rambles

The Game Awards

Well I’m happy Kirby and The Forgotten Land won something!

Not that the game awards mean much to me personally.

I didn’t get much out of watching the awards but for once I’m not disappointed. Because I don’t really care, I’m just there to see what’s new with games and how there’s always some cringey moments. It’s cool to see that some games are coming along (and from Wholesome games) but as always, I’ll wait and see ;P

Once again, watching the stream felt so long and draining so I didn’t watch the end (and then I learned about what happened after).

Reflecting on the Why Society Hates Creative People (And What To Do About It) video

  • great overview on why being creative in any field is just a struggle, whether you’re reaching people and “making it” or if you’re too complacent/safe to evolve
  • business people generally don’t really want to take risks yet that is what creativity entails
  • reality hurts, how art and creativity is increasingly devalued in a world of capitalism, how nobody cares about it when it comes to business and all I can do is keep doing my own thing anyway :’)
  • in terms of “what to do about it” they say you need to adapt to survive:
    • do things with your own creative projects
    • or businesswise you incrementally innovate what came before at a slow, safe pace – so it’s not super creative in comparison
    • Or change careers because it’s so hard to survive and making a living from art as it is, given how quality isn’t always valued and how saturated it is (plus lots of AI generated artwork in the mix to compete and replace a number of low/mid artist/creative jobs)
  • this youtube channel suggests adapting and using AI as a tool but I don’t find joy in creating that way
    • it discourages me instead given how the training dataset is implemented and how people exploit/profit from it by trampling/violating the rights of others – it feels like the damage is done by the time legal stuff catches up
    • I’m sure AI can help with super technical/architectural/engineering designs and coding but I’m not knowledgeable there
    • maybe there will be more specific and more ethical AI art tools that help artists in the future…? :S
    • AI image generation is just one thing and artists don’t have to use it! There are many ways to create art!
  • I’m just holding on and trying to find ways to “adapt” in terms of my art career (without depending on one thing). I feel like I’m forced into a corner and I feel gloomy and low key stressed about it :’)

The Story of Super Mario Kart (Gaming Historian) – insightful for me!

Personal update and venting a bit on Youtube dislikes and reels

Gosh we’re reaching mid December now…I don’t know how I feel.
Somewhat feeling empty/neutral a lot of the time and living in the moment.

Super grateful for the kind likes, thank you!! Got a small handful of Youtube dislikes again for my previous MiyaGalactic fanart too. I don’t know how to “do better” in this case since there’s not much written feedback to work from. I don’t know what they want anymore or if getting 0 dislikes consistently is too big of an ask at this point. Is 1 minute too long?! ๐Ÿ™

I’m noticing that I get dislikes for shorts not for my main youtube videos too! I guess it’s because it’s from people who don’t know about me? Does it matter anyway? I have to get used to this over time and emotionally distance myself but I’ll keep expressing my frustration here as my outlet. Why am I such a sensitive butt :<

Bear with me and my growing pains; venting here is helping me get over it better!

Also I’ve done some instagram reel tests (where followers aren’t notified) and most of them reach nobody. I think I give up with reels and I’ll just keep crossposting art on instagram as usual. I don’t think consistent short form video content is for me at all since it needs to be super edited, fast paced, entertaining and flashy to be well received (and on a daily basis) while I don’t really want to put too much effort and time into something I don’t enjoy doing. I’ll do it when it feels right.

I’m kind of pooped and tired. Did overtime so I can work less this week. Trying to get things and some work done before the break! Feeling a tad behind!! Got some personal art stuff done but I was sluggish and feeling behind. Ahhh!!

Also I watched my first Columbo movie length episode!! It was good but really questionable/weird/disturbing at times with wording/dialogue and a few of the characters.

Wahhh I also reached 200 Youtube subscribers!! It’s been so many years ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
And thank you so much for sticking by my blog!! โค๏ธ

Let’s do our best for this new week ahead and stop caring about too many things that are out of our control :0