In this blog post:
– my regular self worth and social media vent
– reflecting about Mountains, concept art and art direction
– managing my negative feelings, life & goals philosophy
– my knee injuries and update with the physio
– I’m going to GCAP 2023 (Australian game developer conference) this year & preparing myself mentally eep

A little ramble about the game, personal update and fanart speedpaint at my blog ;D

Reflecting about needing this posting and birthday break.

Family friendly raccoon dog (:
And I reflect about my art, what I post and mixed feelings on “progress”.

I ramble a bit about Sailor Moon I guess ;’)

I ramble about games I’m looking forward to! And I’m taking a break next week :’)

= Knight of Hearts Character illustration
= Leonie’s character designs & sketchbook
= #ArtvsArtist & trying to feel less existential with her art
= Personal update: Gloomy section, weekly blog posts & routine