Get out of my house trespassers! The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds [fanart]

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Get out of my house trespassers!!

Clones are completely normal, Link!

Was watching the SGDQ2019 speedrun for A Link Between Worlds last month & the early item rental shop glitch was casually demonstrated. Whoa double the Ravios & Sheerows! :0

I had no idea you could clone Ravio and Sheerow through this glitch and I felt like getting fanart out of my system. Plus I enjoyed playing this game at the time so it was nice reliving parts of it through speedruns. (:

Watched a bunch of SGDQ2019 streams and it’s pretty great how much they’ve raised and keep finding game shortcuts! I watched some Zeldathon streams prior too!

Whenever I watch these marathons I appreciate how super generous, passionate and nerdy the organisers, runners, commentators and attendees are – more than I can ever be! Note I’m clueless with the community because I’m more of a casual watcher out of curiosity and/or “oh neat, I used to play this game!” :’)

What are video games anyway :0

Posting schedule is weekly on Mondays – reminder to self

I know I said once or twice a week but I’m putting my foot down now. Weekly quality posts will be the default with maybe the rare extra one. It’s more realistic for me as I’m juggling with learning, building a creative routine, leeway time if freelance happens and hermit life.

It’s still a lot of work trying to put something out there weekly but it’s better than trying to consistently create and attend to two blog posts a week, which was what I was doing before my posting break. Pushing away the anxious feeling that I should post more for the sake of it.

See! This is what happens when you’re back on social media! You witness so many thriving, active, engaging, entertaining, skilled people and great, wonderful artists and you feel inferior and way behind! There are people who enjoy constantly using and connecting through social media and I guess I’m not one of them. I get grumpy, disconnected and sad if I use it too much :<

Every time you check you get reminded of all the things you’re not good at and it’s discouraging, silly, hurtful and hopeless to compete or compare. I’d rather focus on my own progression, given that I know loosely where I’m going. Some guilt comes back for not wanting to follow back more people out of obligation or desperation too. Gah! Stahp these thoughts of insecurity Leonie! Almost all of them aren’t really your friends in the first place, they’re just cool online people and casual acquaintances :’)

Digressing, I’m remembering boundaries as I don’t want to burn out from posting things again. Shall keep it as weekly updates/posts. Indeed I’m just reminding myself that things will be okay with a lot of mindfulness and joy of missing out :’)

It’s great to engage as much as I can when I post on Mondays, then take the rest of the week away, appreciate others and lurk a bit. I don’t feel obligated to check social media everyday unless someone actually emails me ;P Hey I’m forgotten and invisible for most of the week and then Mondays I’m back again to start the week! ;D

Also I am *so* glad instagram is hiding the number of likes for me now. When I actually peep at my feed a bit, I’m more willing to appreciate or engage with posts when I don’t know anything about how popular a post is or how engaged a person is with their audience. I just want to appreciate it without the ingrained social currency of social media, social obligation, seeking validation/reach/impressions and I don’t worry or judge myself for it 😀

It’s unfortunate how such things influence me and how my self worth and friendships feels based upon how I can give value through my art and some kind of a public, curated, online persona. It’s difficult when you’re an isolated, homebody freelancer so it’s something I have to be mindful of. Consequently it’s great having the stats of others invisible to me.

Thanks for understanding! Yes I overthink a lot; please understand that I don’t interact with much people ;P I’m just grateful that I can ramble and reflect mindfully at my own blog like this.

On progress updates again

I realise that labeling and tagging posts as “progress updates” is redundant now. Turns out it’s going to be a small or big part of every blog post anyway as I document my learning journey ;D

And I’m trying to format my blog posts better. I’m slowly warming up to WordPress and I have a bit more headspace to figure out how to space out a given blog post now. I did my best and discovered the spacing element in wordpress. I hope it’s looking better from here onwards? I hope things are more easier to read.

Finally ramble posts like these will be the norm as I said in my last post. I can’t do around 20/30 minute essays every week! I’m trying to be an artist after all, not a writer ;D

Consequently most people won’t check this blog so thank you for taking your precious time to visit & read the full blog post! ♥

Leonie Pinelli of Fire Emblem: Three Houses

This is the first time there’s a video game character with my first name so here’s obligatory fanart of Leonie Pinelli of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. According to her intro, she’s in debt and is frugal, hardworking, competitive and insecure against the people she respects and aspires to be. Yep that’s loosely like me, I feel like I need to constantly improve, I’m grumpy jealous of inspiring people and I’m harsh with myself sometimes ;P

I feel SO weird, strange & confused!! Aaah!! To hear people and streamers speak my name but referring to a video game character they’re talking to or managing D: And the voice actors actually pronouncing my name properly – my name isn’t really common so it all feels bizarre. ‪It’s interesting how people either say Lee-own-nee which is what I’ve grown up with or Ley-own-nee/Ley-on-nee which makes me feel feel like an alien.‬

I haven’t started watching many streams of this game yet but it’ll be super soon! I hope to learn more about this Leonie character in this game ;D It seems like she’s over the top jealous, quick in making snap judgments, blunt “I know better” kinds of remarks and is super creepy with idolising Jeralt based on some support conversations though :< She is super willing to learn, help and get help though :S

Here I was testing ClipStudioPaint for illustration for the first time. I’m not used to it nor tried brushes I actually like yet but I’m still a newbie at this program. Even though I’m very attached and used to Photoshop, I do enjoy how efficient and tailored ClipStudioPaint is for art. Hope to play around with it more, learn how to use it better and hop between programs. Not being tied down to a program would be ideal ;D

Wrah!! I got my Proko skull last week!

Yay I managed to afford and get this! I’m a tiny bit closer to being a real artist now! :’)

My hand is small so it’s probably not great for size comparison. I have a tiny skull and now a Proko skull! It was boxed in Apple-esque packaging too :0 I’m happy with how well it’s been made but you have to be gentle with the detachable jaw. The magnet’s not that super strong and it’s fiddly to put it back on. (:

Much gratitude & kudos to Kristy’s homemade Kirby cake! ♥

It was too sugar heavy for me but I liked the sponge parts! :’D Thank youuu!

Had a little gaming party for the first time thanks to Kristy, A & J recently! Played more silly multiplayer games than I could ever have (since I’m such a introverted homebody and sloth) and I appreciated that they didn’t mind how boring, easily tired, quiet and overwhelmed I was; they did most of the talking :’) Thank you so much again for the kind, generous company, snacks and lunch!

Okay! Take care kind ninja reader and see you next week on Monday! ♥

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