Final week of kimo figure drawing studies!

Reflecting on my current headspace and learning.

More figure drawing this week!

Reflecting on being slow paced and other anxious thoughts.

Iterating & reflecting on drawing from imagination :’)

Drawing Cabaret Couture life drawing!

Third sketch for the day!!
Leonie also rambles about not posting these to twitter and only checking twitter mentions.

It’s my second sketch prompt!
Also Leonie rambles about feelings, managing social media, not wanting to post some of her art to twitter, mental health, perfectionism, niches, uncertainty, constantly evolving boundaries and how few people seem to read her blog 🙁

There’s also a podcast version of this blog post!

My first daily pixivSketch prompt: blonde hair!

Also all future blog posts are accessible and why I’m keeping my rough, embarrassing sketches and studies here and away from social media.

Fanart / Vivian from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door + LeonieUpdate with the last public interesting finds in this post!

SuperLeonieMode 322 / Chilling under the shade with a robin [CrossyRoadCastle The Great Treehouse Update]! My ramble blog post (: