Splatoon 3 / Frye, Shiver & Big Man (Deepcut) doodles + timelapse!

Here’s my switch friend code if you’re keen!! Perhaps we’ll play in the same matches & randomly/join off each other?

Will probably play online multiplayer once I’m done with story mode and I’m still taking my time with that ;P

Spoilers are everywhere so I won’t play online multiplayer too much until I feel ready. It might take 1 or more weeks at most given that there’s grinding for eggs, great lore and stuff for story mode?

Gosh I feel vulnerable and my ego’s hurt, asking for switch friends/acquaintances again and being met with mostly apathy. Ouch. I don’t really have an engaged audience and it’s my fault – I’m not even social myself :’)

Well I tried and asked at least! I’m happy I got a small handful of peeps & online strangers to possibly play with! (:

If I’m especially unsure, doubtful, distant, unsafe, anxious, pressured, incompatible, uninterested, creeped out, insecure and/or uncomfortable, I would probably not add or keep someone as an online or real life friend/connection/acquaintance. Likewise I don’t want to pressure anyone, project my anxious expectations over others, drag things on, make people uncomfortable or keep things ambiguous either so it feels terrible and saddening both ways.

If people aren’t honest, communicative, interested nor on the same page, have a history/pattern of ghosting/fickleness/unreliability/disinterest/unavailability/vagueness, are feeling anxious/uncomfortable/distant/impatient with each other and/or are essentially incompatible strangers – I’d rather move on and accept that things aren’t working out as much as hurt, disappointed feelings happen. A lot of the times you get to know people more and/or people change and things don’t work out.

And in some ways I’m a risk averse, sensitive, anxious snowflake when it comes to people: expecting and minimising the disappointment, rejection, emotional stress and hurt. I do give the benefit of the doubt at the beginning and I strive not to expect too much of others. I also distance myself if I’m not interested or I get too emotionally invested than the other person – out of my own emotional and social fears/risks indeed :’)

I’m overthinking too. This feels like facebook, twitter, linkedin or steam friends again ahhhh; figuring out my boundaries & comfort zone and just trying to stick with my mixed, complicated gut feelings :<

Anyhoo, thanks to the small handful of you who sent switch friend requests so far! I wish you all the best whether we’re switch friends/acquaintances or not (:

My 1st proper Splatoon 3 doodle with a clumsy stylus

Though most people don’t seem interested though when I tweeted it, ouch :’)

Ah well I’m doing it anyway and will share it at that twitter thread and here! Stuff it! ;P

Little timelapse!

Deep Cut doodles (Frye, Shiver, Big Man)

Okay after playing a bit of single player mode, I don’t know if I like this super smug Team Rocket-esque group but they’re definitely different and cool in their own way haha

We’ll see, it’s too early to judge for me! I’m enjoying the scraps of lore so far :0

Allow me to vent about a doctor again

I’m really frustrated with the same doctor (with the language barrier) I was seeing/trying out this year. I know she’s trying her best but it rubs me the wrong way that she doesn’t note down nor read what happened in previous consultations (so a lot of retreading previous questions all over again) and her advice/questioning feels condescending, unhelpful, basic and repetitive to me.

It’s more me getting lectured and questioned. “Do you know what steak is?” “You will be looking old in your 40‘s because of this”, “This is why you have low fuel in your gas tank”, “this is causing your hair loss!!”, “Are you sure you’re not a vegetarian???” and so on. These quotes are also a *repeat* of my last visit :<

Once again she lectures me to eat steak twice a week and continue with my iron deficiency tablets because it didn’t improve enough (probably because I thought I could stop taking the tablets after two boxes of them). She wasn’t super clear in my previous visits that I wasn’t supposed to stop taking the iron deficiency tablets – I naively thought I could stop once I thought I had enough iron foods in my diet so I guess that’s my bad. At least my iron levels are improving a small amount :/

And clearly I don’t eat red meat enough – prunes, dried fruits, etc aren’t enough. Red meat isn’t as accessible and easy to prepare so it doesn’t happen regularly enough. I don’t know what to do differently – I guess I’ll actually tally down how much red meat (beef since that has the most iron, lamb or pork) I actually eat in a week? And maybe some other iron in foods like fish, eggs, oats, dried fruit and so on?

Based on my own internet research and not the doctor: no tea or soy milk are allowed within 2 hours before and after meals. So that continues to be a pain in the butt to stick to because I also intermittent fast and sometimes when waiting for tea to cool, I forget and then I drink it a tad too close to meals 🙁

I have to stay on these iron tablets after all and *then* go have another blood test again early next year – noooooo! I’m still bruised up from the blood test I recently did!! 🙁

I’m trying a different doctor next week. I don’t want to be anxious, confused, doubtful and frustrated with this doctor anymore; we’re not the right fit and I feel like an alien in the clinic there as well. Turns out it’s a struggle to find doctors around me that I would find comfortable with and feel reassured :’)

I hope this new doctor I’m going to visit is the one I can stick with.

Because it’s one of those “I’m tired of all this” times :<