Laura Parton [D2 Dreamcast game]

Timelapse here!

Laura Parton from D2, a Dreamcast survival horror game

I watched this old game! Gameplay wise it does drag on with the battles while the story, setting and themes were compelling enough for me to watch it all the way through (on and off though).

The ending was intentionally vague so I’m not sure what to make of it.

My 2022 game for the year is Kirby and the Forgotten Land plus my other top picks ;D

I only played Future Connected in Xenoblade Chronicles since I already know the main story and gameplay.

I don’t play much games as it is ;P

I play Splatoon 3 every now and then now that I’m done with the great Single player/story mode! And Picross 4 and Tetris 99 if there’s a new theme.

I’m also playing through Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Sprit of Justice (Game #6) but I’m not finished yet. I’m slowly playing games at my own pace ;P

Quality Culture / The Conflicting Ideals of Hayao Miyazaki | 1hr 41min Video Essay

really good video, made me more existential about making art and how conflicting it feels to do art but also having to make a living to survive as a human :’)

Made me appreciate some movies that I didn’t like from Ghibli. I haven’t watched some of them though.

Technically I am on holiday break but I don’t know if I’ll have much of a break – I have so much to catch up with and do!!

And a whole lot of existential dread, gloom and low key anxiety about my life :’)

I felt several moments of unusual heart beat skipping/patterns/palpitations in the past handful of days so I’ll try to remember to relax and breathe and sleep more; I don’t want to scare and stress myself out.

I realising that I tense up too much even to the day to day! Trying to not be too worried :<

Edit: okay twitter is not letting accounts made only to promote “certain” other social media platforms, unless you paid for their subscription :/

Anyhoo all I can do is slow down, do what I can and figure it out along the way.

I hope your week goes well!