Fanart / Sailor Uranus♅ & Sailor Neptune♆ + LeonieUpdate!

In this little LeonieUpdate post:

  • art process for the last pair of sailor scouts I’m doing
  • personal update including:
    • setting boundaries,
    • how women can support men (plus link to how men can support women),
    • how to get over the fear of abandonment,
    • signs it’s time to cut out your friend,
    • thoughts on tiger parents,
    • Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary direct,
    • hearing about different Mulan 2020 reviews & other interesting finds

Sailor Uranus♅ & Sailor Neptune♆!

The glamourous power couple!

Work in progress & close ups 😀

The last of this sailor scout series!

Personal ramble time!

  • Boundaries: Why You Need Them & How to set them
    • a nice reminder and summary when it comes to emotional, material, time, energy, mental and physical needs (it’s still not easy for every individual connection so I keep reminding myself haha)
  • How Women Can Support Men (Featuring Being Integrated)
    • giving compliments and acknowledging efforts!
    • ensure that it’s safe to express boundaries, feelings, signals and desires with each other – men also need to feel safe to express other emotions outside of anger too
    • making roles, intentions and expectations clear – it requires compromise and shared values & intentions for all parties to connect and bond together in the friendship or relationship
    • not expecting them to be princes to save you (financially, emotionally, etc) – it’s a shared team effort!
    • there’s also 10 Ways Men can Support Women but I didn’t watch that one because I don’t think I’m the audience
  • How to get over your fear of abandonment
    • I’m bad at this one because in the past I tend to give up, remove and reject myself (and push away people) first before anyone does.
      • I avoid getting hurt by removing myself from the equation :’) There’s a sense of hopelessness I’d want to fully grow and heal from one day.
      • Learning to take risks only when I want to (not when I think I’m expected/obligated to)
    • reminder to self to only keep and maintain friendships with people I really want to stay friends with, have common interests with, have established trust, am compatible with, communicate comfortably with and I continue to enjoy their company.
      • Let things happen naturally and don’t revolve my life around them; I got my own adventures, struggles and work to deal with too!
    • if people abandon, reject, ghost and go back to stepping over and disrespecting my boundaries, trust and feelings – I’ll accept them as they are and cut out them out of my life ;P
  • 10 Signs It’s Time To Cut Off Your Friend
    • Quick summary:
      • when they’re selfish, inconsiderate, social climber, “fake friend”, talking behind your back, insensitive, flaky, never makes an effort (or intermittent effort), doesn’t support you, always busy on something else (like their phone)
    • I’m putting this video to use, especially the useful flowchart at the end!
      • slowly putting this into practice so I hope I grow better at speaking up about my boundaries and feelings with the people I know (especially if their behaviour is negatively impacting me) :’)
    • Good to know that phasing them out is an option if they can’t change or won’t change (especially after you’ve told them about their behaviour). Just let things naturally fade without resentment.
      • I don’t want to force anyone to change if they don’t want to – especially since they don’t want to put in the effort, respect my boundaries and feelings anyway. Don’t want to keep making excuses for them nor would I want to keep them around, I got no time for that!
      • sometimes it just means you’re not compatible and that’s okay! Accepting the loss and moving on is a skill based from personal experiences
    • a lot of it is about learning to pick quality friends! :0
      • not bother with people when it’s clear that you’re always putting the most effort and you’re not getting mutual, emotional support in return
      • speak up also if you’re not willing to put in the effort that’s expected or asked of you (that’s hard, brave, honest, upfront and uncomfortable to do too so that’s why most people phase/fade out or ghost unfortunately)
    • making this notes because they’re good reminders for me!
  • hello world by Louie Zong
    • it’s an oldie but a goodie. It sings to my lonely, alien soul <3
  • Portal – The Sound of Science (animation and song)
  • Your Song – Elton John (Janet Devlin Cover)
  • Twelve Minutes game Cast Reveal Trailer
    • I was already intrigued with the concept but now it’s with James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe? Whoa!
    • Behind the scenes too
  • Caravaggio: Master of Light by Nerdwriter
  • Villains in Wrestling: Making People Hate You by Super Eyepatch Wolf
    • insightful and interesting wrestling storytelling about heels
  • Piffle Trailer for the Nintendo Switch
    • the free to play Mighty Games mobile game is finally on the Switch without transactions!
    • I did a character sheet and some piffle ball variations that didn’t get used so I didn’t get to do anything that got published. So I can’t really claim that I worked on it :’)
  • Spinster Trailer (2020)
    • I’m not really interested but hey, it’s a movie about being yourself and not revolving your life around relationships (at least I hope it’s relatable!)
    • Perhaps this movie is trying to make “spinster” a more positive thing but I wish there was a more positive way to call single people :’)
  • Infamous case of Jennifer Pan – Criminal Psychology (1.5 hours) and thoughts on tiger parenting
    • I relate to the struggles, conflicts, emotional abuse and pressures of having Asian immigrant tiger parents but this is too extreme she organised the murder of her own parents and attempted to get away with it without a shred of remorse.
    • I think I have heard about this case years ago but this video brings to light a comprehensive analysis of her video interviews and interrogation.
    • perhaps read about it instead if you don’t have the time to watch this video for more context of her emotionally abusive experiences
    • apparently there’s similar cases – one of which happened years ago in Sydney, Australia about a guy who failed at university, forbidden to date his girlfriend and killed his whole Filipino strict family for the inheritance.
    • Chilling, horrifying, insightful and sad; perhaps it could have been prevented if there was emotional support and therapy for Jennifer to turn to, to not depend on her drug dealer boyfriend and for her to leave her controlling, “tiger” parents.
    • I did undergo some degree of tiger parenting and was conditioned to equate my self worth with my studies, to please my mother, to not date and to get into a so-called financially stable career.
      • I do regret whenever I look back sometimes that I did teaching in the first place but I understand that all I did was what I thought I was “supposed to do” at the time :'( Gosh I’m a broken record now whenever I talk about this :’)
      • I’m still figuring out my unstable career and I’m not great with confidence, assertiveness, life and social things. Still I’m glad I’m no longer trying to fit into any boxes imposed upon me and am embracing my autism. Life is too short to live somebody else’s expectations and dreams <3
  • Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct
  • This live tweet thread on the Mulan 2020 movie gives me joy, insight and amusement (goodness it’s so bad!!)
    • made me glad I’m not watching this movie at all as I will get angry (:
    • “devoted to family” on the sword just hurts me.
      • My culture revolves around being expected to put family first over yourself so my immediate gut reaction is also “Nonononononooooooo! No!! NO!”
    • watched some youtube reviews (white reviewers being recommended to me for now), most of them recommend this movie.
      • one of them said it was better than the animated movie :/
      • I guess they like somewhat westernised China (one said it was Chinese Game of Thrones)??
      • it really feels like a checklist, safe, alright, emotionally boring, action movie
    • one reviewer did say that this movie is inferior to the Disney animated Mulan movie; he pointed out how terrible the character development and storytelling issues are
    • who is this bird spirit lady (I also refuse to say “witch” because I agree that it’s not a thing in China) and is she in love with Mulan?? I have no context here :0
    • the animated Mulan movie isn’t perfect and has its issues but I love it because the characters, storytelling and animation are wonderful.
      • I even studied it when I was making Disney Crossy World’s Mulan world and characters!
      • When I was a kid, I felt like I was being represented and the themes of “a nobody proving themselves through hard work and being able to show their true selves” resonated deeply with me (as much as it does with many others)!
    • maybe one day I’ll watch the chinese 2009 Mulan movie and see how that’s like :0
    • I refuse to watch this remake but I’ll probably vent a bit more about this movie when I hear more about it ;P

Thank you so much for reading as we enter a new season! :0

It’s getting warmer now as we enter Spring here. Also sleep schedule is and will be all over the place so I hope my writing is okay here :’)

Anyhoo please stay kind, patient and safe with yourself and those around you! You are doing your best (:

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