In this blog post:
– about this video
– Crossy shenanigans
– to stream or not?
– voice over videos or not?
– figuring Adobe alternatives
– AI generated art worries, sadness & the “game illustrators in China got laid off” article
– personal ramble

In this blog post:
– speedpaint for this!
– Nessie / Alien / Big foot splatfest
– Tears of the Kingdom ramble
– latest update/lessons from my computer shenanigans & troubles
– ramble about videos on “A.I.”, Vtubers & more
– personal and health update

In this blog post:
– speedpaint for this fanart illustration
– the Game Awards
– reflecting on a “why society hates creative people” video
– personal update, youtube dislikes and reels

In this blog post:
– all the 5 Crossy birthday speedpaints! Whoaaa
– Crossy Road Castle sticker book
– reflecting on fast food content & streaming
– AI generated work and ethics ramble
– personal health update

In my blog post:
– about working on the art for this Crossy update
– speedpaint for this fanart
– recap on deviantart
– on twitter migration & social media juggling
– reflecting on AI art & the future

Keen to play; the food looks delicious!
Hungryyyy ;D

Reflecting on boxes, not worrying about art goals/dreams and tracking habits & progress.

Iterating & reflecting on drawing from imagination :’)

= “It’s just a photo” illustration
= Dress references I used from NGV
= Inktober 2019 / Leonie’s Sketchbook
= Lady Sibell Mary Lumley illustrated study & doodle
= I went to the State Library Victoria!! 😀 World of Book exhibition photos
= To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Lara Jean doodle
= Personal update & on self worth