In this blog post:
– art process & text commentary video
– avoiding Tears of the Kingdom spoilers
– Fire Emblem black tea
– workload with making videos & blog posts
– how to fix “waiting mode”
– reflecting on my autistic shutdowns and meltdowns
– declining attention spans & managing time on the internet
– personal update

Nourishing for the cold, dark soul! (:

I’m testing the waters at instagram again :0

Self care with some tea ✨

Hey I liked these two characters I did for the game!

I ramble about Alice in Wonderland and things :’)

Fanart / Teatime & Happy Holidays with Sephiroth and Kirbys! [Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]
Ramble on instagram engagement & being confused about Advent Children Complete.
Okay this is the last blog post for the year ;D