Fanart / Lovely best buds Kirby & Bandana Dee! Happy 30th Kirby Anniversary + timelapse!

Little Timelapse!

I wanted to try a taller shaped Kirby car ;’)

I managed to rush and finish the majority of this piece yesterday phew! I was stumped and stuck on how I would render and execute the illustration until I had little time left to get it done yesterday. Whoops; yeah I’m super tired now.

Juggling lots; especially since NieR and Kirby’s anniversaries are right after each other :’)

Lovely best buds Kirby & Bandana Dee! ❤️

I actually sketched this during the Nintendo Direct in February before I knew it was in the game! And got around to finishing it as this illustration yesterday. I didn’t realise that Bandana Dee riding Kirby Car is an actual thing until later (when the demo came out) to my pleasant surprise in co-op mode! :0

Love and friendship!!

I finally started Kirby and the Forgotten Land for a few hours so shush with spoilers!! I’ll be slowly playing though it ;D

Also happy to have new peeps becoming Kirby fans, welcome!!

Okay please have a safe and restful day! I need to get more rest too; sleep deprived again :’)