In this blog post:
– speedpaint text commentary process video!
– Chocolate Splatfest
– personal ramble about romance, feelings & happy single time!
– Nintendo Direct thoughts

It’s been hidden away for 6 years :’)

Character design / My Artstation Box of Mystery Challenge submission – my Leader character so far + MondayLeonieUpdate

— Leonie and the Box of Mystery challenge
— struggles & getting stuck with this challenge
— early stages in story, references, sketches and designing my leader character
— deciding to quit the deadline
— Personal update and ramble time
— Reflecting on the 7 signs of Autism in Ladies
— Games, Pokemon Presents and Last of Us Part 2 spoilers
— Leonie’s gaming shenanigans + Animal Crossing

LeonieBear says goodbye 2019, personal lessons of the year, rambling about outside adventures and Frozen 2.

Stickers for sale! It flopped though :’)

Leonie rambles on the past week, ink doodles, Korean sappy entertainment and games.

= Support CheckPoint’s Coping Companion deck!
= What does this piece mean to me? Leonie rambles version
= The illustration Process for the Links