Fanart / Kirby and the Forgotten Land + timelapse!

Little 30 second timelapse!

Kirby and the birds!!

It’s out today (in my timezone)!! Yesss!!

I wanted to play this since it was 1st announced ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฆ

I’ve sketched a bunch of fanart since but I need to make time to finish them :’)

I played the demo too and it was wonderful!

The thing is that I have to wait for my turn and will have to delay playing it. So I’ll be avoiding leaks and spoilers haha

And if I hear people complain and nitpick about Kirby games I don’t really want to hear it – it’s cool and understandable if it’s not for you. But let me enjoy it ;P

In that light, I’ll refrain/reign myself from venting about how I don’t like creamy, fatty, icing heavy pastries and cakes :’)