Fanart / Getting dessert with Kirbyroth + LeonieUpdate!

In this little LeonieUpdate:

  • creative process with Kirbyroth
  • LeonieUpdate with interesting finds!

Sketch! I did this after getting used to drawing Sephiroth last year ;D

Close ups! I love his evil smug face ;D

Getting dessert with Kirbyroth! 🔥🗡️🍰🍓✨⭐️

I did this a few weeks into Sephiroth coming out in Smash last December!

I wonder how Strawberry Shortcake tastes like :0

Unfortunately it looks super creamy and I personally hate that :’)

Little LeonieUpdate with some finds!

  • Does Autism Get Easier With Age?
    • No.
      • That’s my answer. Being a human is hard overall.
      • the comments have been insightful and makes me feel less alone too
    • awareness does help me to be more kind to myself at least
    • most people are even less tolerant for being the way you are, the more you’re older
    • in turn, I’m less tolerant of masking, dealing with people I don’t feel comfortable and safe with
    • I’m feeling too stressed and drained to deal with people and things (unless I absolutely have to or to deal with things as efficiently as possible)
      • you have to make sure people are comfortable around you and I don’t have the energy or desire to do much of that anymore
      • striving to make myself comfortable firstmost instead
      • I say this because of my deadpan, quiet exterior has caused at least a few people to abruptly walk away after hanging around me in silence (one of the things that contributed to my abandonment issues and whether I just have bad social vibes)
    • communication misunderstandings, burnout and sensory overwhelm is a thing
      • I strive to let people know how I express and do things to reduce potential misunderstanding
    • apparently a commenter says autistic people have a life expectancy of 49 years?? Wow.
    • most of the world is about conforming and minorities are usually not catered for unless it’s necessary (or the company is super great and considerate)
      • see how general corporations and companies allow most people to work from home when they otherwise wouldn’t have permitted it
    • I realise I need structure and recognising better when I’m not okay as I evolve my boundaries
    • true, most people don’t know how to deal with our intensity
    • accepting my own limitations and learning to cut myself some slack!
    • sex is overrated; good meaningful and reliable bonds are more important. Do what’s more comfortable for you! ;D
  • Is work the right getaway from private problems?
    • talks about grief and dealing with difficult times by using ambition as a way to distract yourself and refocus
    • it depends on your rhythm and whether you’re feeling great or feeling pressured, burnt out and stressed
  • How To Stop Feeling Productivity Shame
    • knowing when it’s enough and the truth of:
      • take your time. There will always be more work.”
    • there’s always a lot of communication and context-switching to minimise
    • keep in mind we generally prefer small tasks/busywork over working on larger, complex, more meaningful ones
      • (completion bias and busyness paradox)
    • having established times between work and life; not every moment has to be productive and planned to the dot
    • I think I do have the shame when I’m not doing something productive when I’ve planned to, or when I haven’t been productive for over a day
    • just hope to enjoy the journey and progress
    • get important things done consistently, deep work blocks,
    • break away from communication things
    • act and then you can keep going; just hard to get started
    • a bunch of tips in there; I am personally not going to try them all 😛
  • Tara Mooknee’s the rise of the “pick me girl” meme
  • Hazard Reduction Burning’s The Problem with Hikikomori in the West
    • yeah hermits do exist outside of Japan ;P
  • Anna Akana’s Why we can’t accept cancel culture
    • especially if you’re not giving people the room for improvement, growth and change and you’re just trying to get on the performative moral high ground by putting down others
    • this video is more about the mob culture of the internet while accepting responsibility and consequences of one’s actions is the ideal thing we do
  • Daryl Talks Games’ How Your Personality Affects What You Play | Psych of Play
    • there’s a test you could do too; apparently I go under Slayer and Gardener! Note that confirmation bias has a huge influence in this
    • elaborate story, some challenge, relaxing/good gameplay, some customisation, immersive worlds, co-op and discovery are my personal preferences
    • the video doesn’t really conclude anything as personality keeps evolving and cannot be defined
  • Accented Cinema’s Learning From Uncle Tat | Video Essay
    • this demonstrates and reminds me on how he’s such a brilliant actor :'(
    • it feels like cantonese is going to be a dying language :<
  • Alex Moukala Music’s 30 Musicians vs the Mii Channel Theme

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