Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest + timelapse! Hipster Whale anniversary badges + Crossy Road Castle’s new Snowpeak Palace update!

Ay the new tower was out last Friday! As usual, I helped with the initial/default pass for the background decorations as a helper artist.

Recently got the rest of the HipsterWhaleDev anniversary badges I designed 2 years ago! ✨

1st day: 🐳

Year 1: 🐓

Year 2: 🦖

Year 3: 🐟

Year 4: 🐨

Year 5: 🦓

Year 6: 🐶

Year 7: 👑🦆

Year 8: ??

Thanks Nerissa and Hipster Whale for sending me the whole pack, making me feel appreciated! :0

Little timelapse!

I have him in the sleep ability/bedtime cap because he fell asleep during the concert too ;P

He was enjoying it though! Got jealous too when his colour for the audience’s light wands weren’t pink ;D

Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival was magical, wholesome & incredible!

I watched it live (first time watching a live Kirby concert on stream), witnessed live chat reactions and listened/will listen to it a few more times in the background! At one point, I noticed one of the trumpeters unclogging(?) their instrument but the sneaky/stealthy cameras cut away ;D

Had no clue what they were saying though but I was there to enjoy the Kirby music!

This stream will disappear by the end of August and there’s even bits of new Kirby lore for the fans in here! :0

Much better than the previous concert for me because they had a band as well as an orchestra which did the fast tempo game melodies justice! They worked and played the melodies wonderfully!

I had a blast! I was sleepy too when it was live so I did have to go back to listen again (:

I haven’t played every single Kirby game but I played quite a bunch over the years so this concert was nostalgic for me too :’)

I have no feelings with the remaster of the Kirby anime since I didn’t grow up with that but I was hype for the fans!

I’m pooped already, trying to not get bogged down by my headspace, I don’t have enough sleep and the week just started :’)

All the same let’s do our best, it’s another new week for all of us!