Leonie Ramble: Yo! The Nintendo Direct!

The Direct was okay + remakes, ports, DLC and some new games.

Gosh there’s always people who are not happy and get super negative with Directs/showcases due to unmet expectations and meanwhile I’m always trying to not expect anything so I won’t be too disappointed haha

I think I’m only interested in playing Side Order, Princess Peach: Showtime!, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC when it’s all out, WarioWare: Move it! and Super Mario RPG! I’m most curious about the Peach game :0

I’ll watch other peeps play other games of interest! Because I don’t even know when I’ll have time to play my backlog list of games…the guilt 🙁

For Paper Mario: The Thousand-YearDoor I’m keen to watch someone play this remaster (is it just new graphics and music)? I’ve watched people play this charming game too many times in the past that I don’t have the interest to play it myself :’)

Gosh immediately when the story book and music showed up I knew what the trailer was!! There’s also the sinking feeling on whether Nintendo is doing these remakes so that Paper Mario / Mario RPG fans get what they want (with remakes) while getting away with not actually making new RPG Mario games. Hmm. Only time will tell.

Stray Children by Onion games looks super compelling too!! It seems like you speak/converse with creatures/people/enemies you face/fight/run away in a battle system and can choose to express love and care. Expanding what Undertale did while Undertale was originally inspired by Moon RPG by Onion games :0

Unicorn Overlord is not my kind of game but looks interesting and has a super cool art direction.

Overall I’m not super excited but generally there’s definitely games/stuff I’m interested in (:

Ah Playstation’s State of Play happened too though I haven’t watched it – I’ll watch trailers later I’ll probably watch gameplay for games I’m interested in (and I don’t have a console). Probably watch someone play Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Resident Evil 4 Ada DLC and the rest I don’t know yet ;P

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