Finally posting this Maid with Love game gift/fanart from November 2015

Featuring characters I designed for the Maid with Love visual novel game [worked with Lauren, Snow & dev team in 2015]

[My Character Design part 1 post for this project & context]. Part 2 will remain in drafts indefinitely due to spoilers. That’s all I have that I can show, now that I’ve posted it! Uh happy late December Lauren! ;D

Edit because of my rusty, slow, silly and sleep deprived brain: Snow was part of the core dev team & narrative writer! I don’t know or remember who else was on the dev team or worked on it though because I only worked directly with Lauren. Am I misremembering? :<

I don’t think I’ve done character design this extensively as this project. The background is a scanned origami patterned paper I had since high school. It’s probably recycled somewhere ;P

Anyhoo I did this embarrassing illustration over 6 years ago to celebrate when the game comes out one day. I don’t think it’s happening anymore(?) so it’s not actually open for business. Unreleased projects are normal though!

And hey past Leonie left this for present Leonie to post as a surprise! Ah it was back before I even had an indie studio artist job ;P

I believe it’s safe to post this as it’s gift/fanart and it’s been 6 years already ;D

I feel old as I look back. A reminder of the past and history indeed. Then again, we’re all aging so let’s embrace and do what we can in the present!

I had to adjust this old illustration’s colours a bit but wow I delayed posting it and forgot many times! Look at that old signature/logo I used to use! (Hopefully) my art styles have somewhat changed and improved since then.

I know people are in busy(?) holiday mode and/or distracted by life, loved ones, food, activities, internet and things so thanks so much for coming by! :0