Illustration / LudoNarraCon 2020 – online Narrative games convention is happening next week!

LudoNarraCon Key Illustration for April 2020 for Fellow Traveler [tw]

A long, long while ago (late last year), I was graciously commissioned to illustrate the marketing art for LudoNarraCon! It is an online convention that celebrates narrative games and the game developers who make them. Check out the featured convention activities, games and speakers if you’re interested in catching them live or through recordings! I believe it’s 24th to 27th of May!

There’s been a lot of struggle with this illustration but we worked together, scaled down the scope and managed to reach something we’re happy with – phew and yay! I made up a lot of random game concepts, scenes and compositions and ultimately I had to cut some of them out and tone down the cute colours and themes. Cuteness had to be toned down as it’s not really what appeals to their vast narrative games audience.

The hand drawn and then vectorised logo is essentially the cursive, neat, fancy version of my handwriting. The candles are there for the warm, calm, soft, creative mood (though maybe it’s not fire safe to be near so much paper on the walls). Plus I wish I had plants but I don’t have sunlight where I work ;P I guess this is the idealised workplace of a narrative-driven game developer ;D

The Storyteller and her dog + subtle Fellow Traveler logo

Chill times creating stories and games! If only the real creative life looked this picture perfect ;D Also I just wanted the dog to be like a cuddly loaf of bread <3 I’m hungry :’)

I designed another two new characters here too

I don’t know what they’re doing, they’re probably up to no good :0 I think I was watching some mascot games during this time :’)

Also some point and click inventory, narrative flow charts, an ominous murder scene, post it notes and character sheets. I just made up a lot of stuff to fill up the space!

Various designs & moments

Some concepts, violinist, watermelon town hall, scary dark magical forest, check lists, post it notes, a portrait, one of satan’s office workers excited about an email, a detective getting reprimanded on his work methods and a meteor that’s cut off here.

More concepts!

Reporter/investigator with a mic, a couple dancing under the lanterns, a robot, another interesting cockatoo character in a leather jacket, a dwarf with a sword, a tree, icon designs and a plunger. Yes I did many iterations as I tried to figure out what fits “serious narrative games” vibe.

The dog and the rest of the concepts

Plants too, scary triangular UFO, snowman character sheet, character sheet of a blind character, a whale, tentacles throwback, candles and various office items :0

LudoNarraCon 2020 website!

Anyhoo, if you are a game developer, game player or enthusiast interested and/or involved with narrative driven games, please check out the convention 😀

Edit: I also ended up doing the theme headers! I post about those here. Plus I did an interview with Unwinnable also.

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