Illustration / LudoNarraCon 2020 – online Narrative games convention is happening next week!

LudoNarraCon Key Illustration for April 2020 for Fellow Traveler [tw]

A long, long while ago (late last year), I was graciously commissioned to illustrate the marketing art for LudoNarraCon! It is an online convention that celebrates narrative games and the game developers who make them. Check out the featured convention activities, games and speakers if you’re interested in catching them live or through recordings! I believe it’s 24th to 27th of May!

There’s been a lot of struggle with this illustration but we worked together, scaled down the scope and managed to reach something we’re happy with – phew and yay! I made up a lot of random game concepts, scenes and compositions and ultimately I had to cut some of them out and tone down the cute colours and themes. Cuteness had to be toned down as it’s not really what appeals to their vast narrative games audience.

The hand drawn and then vectorised logo is essentially the cursive, neat, fancy version of my handwriting. The candles are there for the warm, calm, soft, creative mood (though maybe it’s not fire safe to be near so much paper on the walls). Plus I wish I had plants but I don’t have sunlight where I work ;P I guess this is the idealised workplace of a narrative-driven game developer ;D

The Storyteller and her dog + subtle Fellow Traveler logo

Chill times creating stories and games! If only the real creative life looked this picture perfect ;D Also I just wanted the dog to be like a cuddly loaf of bread <3 I’m hungry :’)

I designed another two new characters here too

I don’t know what they’re doing, they’re probably up to no good :0 I think I was watching some mascot games during this time :’)

Also some point and click inventory, narrative flow charts, an ominous murder scene, post it notes and character sheets. I just made up a lot of stuff to fill up the space!

Various designs & moments

Some concepts, violinist, watermelon town hall, scary dark magical forest, check lists, post it notes, a portrait, one of satan’s office workers excited about an email, a detective getting reprimanded on his work methods and a meteor that’s cut off here.

More concepts!

Reporter/investigator with a mic, a couple dancing under the lanterns, a robot, another interesting cockatoo character in a leather jacket, a dwarf with a sword, a tree, icon designs and a plunger. Yes I did many iterations as I tried to figure out what fits “serious narrative games” vibe.

The dog and the rest of the concepts

Plants too, scary triangular UFO, snowman character sheet, character sheet of a blind character, a whale, tentacles throwback, candles and various office items :0

LudoNarraCon 2020 website!

Anyhoo, if you are a game developer, game player or enthusiast interested and/or involved with narrative driven games, please check out the convention 😀

Edit: I also ended up doing the theme headers! I post about those here. Plus I did an interview with Unwinnable also.

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20 Comments on “Illustration / LudoNarraCon 2020 – online Narrative games convention is happening next week!

  1. I remember seeing that before. I thought it was a really impressive piece and it still very much is. There’s just so much detail in every aspect of the image. It’s such a good example of all the hard work and dedication you put into your craft. (And I totally thought the dog was bread :X)

    Also hadn’t really looked into the Con itself, but probably will now. There’s a few games I’ve actually been looking forward to showing up.

    • Aw thank you! 😀 I guess you saw it on twitter or steam :0
      Haha it’s bread dog! ;D
      Oooh which games have peaked your interest?

      • Actually, I saw it when I ended up in your Portfolio way back when you first put your comics up on Webtoons. It’s one of the pieces that got me wanting to support you via Patreon.

        Best Friend Forever has been pushed super hard via twitter so I’ve got an interest in that haha.

        I had no idea Curious Expedition 2 was a thing and I loved the first one a bunch.

        Sunless Skies/Sunless Sea/Fallen London are fantastic narrative works. They follow Lovecraftian Narrative Design so perfectly it’s an amazing experience. So I’m glad to see Failbetter games there.

        Beyond the Veil looks so good too!. Honestly, There’s so many games that appeal to me as a lover of writing that I wanna look at all of them haha.

        (Oh Also, the “My Portfolio” button at the top left of the blog goes to a dead page. Also also, You put the convention as “May” in this post, but isn’t it “April” like next week?)

        • Wow I didn’t know that bit; thank you! (:
          Haha cool, thanks for sharing your narrative picks :0!!

          (Gosh thank you! I fixed both; hopefully it works/shows up! Thank you!!)

          • Hehe. My pleasure! 😊
            Keep up the good work!

            (They’re both working perfectly/showing up)

            • Yay thanks!!
              I’m not as knowledgeable as you are with the featured games so it’s interesting to know what stands out to you :0

              • Oh, I only knew about three before finding the Con’s webpage. But I’ve been checking out all of the stuff on it and so many of them Sound/Look really good.

                Do any of them interest you?

                • Hm I’m too reluctant to play much beyond picross, ring fitness and animal crossing (and maybe the Xenoblade Chronicles remake).
                  But I have watched Coffee Talk, Eliza, Frog Detective 2, Hypnospace Outlaw, Telling Lies, tiny bits of Neo Cab, Sometimes Always Monsters & Not Tonight.
                  Wayward Strand I’ve seen the demo of and I’m keen to watch someone play Best Friend Forever :0

                  • Ohhh. You should totally broaden your horizons! (When you’re not as busy ofcourse)

                    Picross and Ring Fit both look cool, but as much as I love logical thinking i’m kinda….awful at puzzles. Ring Fit does seem like it’d be good for setting up a workout routine though.

                    Xenoblade Chronicles looked really cool, but for some reason the Xeno games never got me.

                    Wow, You’re really on top of the Indie scene. Though I shouldn’t be surprised considering you’ve worked in it. Is there anyone in particular that you watch?

                    • Well…I’ll broaden my horizons by watching others play haha ;P
                      I do have a bunch I watch but for some games, I have to search for it.
                      That’s fair.
                      Oh I haven’t really worked much in the narrative indie scene though :0

  2. Reply cap again. woops!

    Fair enough haha. There’s certainly a few games I’d rather watch someone else play.

    You still got to work on games and meet a bunch of interesting people; That’s pretty cool in my opinion.

    • Whoa I can’t control the reply cap beyond this :0
      It’s not something I’m super involved in for ages but I guess so:’)

      • Guess it’s not built for that much back and forth in one chain haha.

        Would you be interested in doing it again? I know you enjoy Character Design, but I don’t know much about the other aspects of it. Aside from a few what I’ve learned from some of your old posts.

        • If you’re talking about gamedev art, I’m super burnt out from it and am finding no joy having to wear many hats in game art :’)
          I’m happy doing promo art illustrations or in game illustrations.
          Character design I don’t know if I enjoy doing it specifically for other people at this moment in my life and I ideally I’d do it if I have most, if not all of the creative freedom.

          • Oh I was just talking in general. I’m not very familiar with all of the different Art positions in games.

            You’re certainly good at promo art. I don’t play phone games but the promos you have in your portfolio have me tempted haha. They really pop.

            Well I hope you do enjoy it, because your characters are fantastic. Your portfolio here on the blog is full of just downright gorgeous characters like those Maids.

            Oh! Also I love the pink arms on your glasses you do. They’re lined up with your hair so well I thought they were hair clips for awhile. Meant to mention it before but I kept forgetting. :X

            • I don’t think I’m good enough to get a specialised art position while indie games usually need you to do everything. A lot of “I don’t know where I fit” kind of deal. :0
              Yeah that’s why I’m hesitant in calling myself a character designer because sometimes the iterative, comprehensive process can squeeze out all the joy and fun out of it. Thanks for the encouraging, kind words! (:
              Oh thanks I used to wear those pink armed glasses haha!

              • Good enough “Yet”. Cause you certainly have plenty of well developed skill.

                Just keep moving forward, experimenting, and finding what’s right for you. I know you’ll end up someplace you’ll be happy!

                You’re welcome! They were all well earned. 🙂