SuperListenMode 300: Rhythm Games [Taiko no tatsujin: Drum n Fun]

SuperListenMode: Rhythm Games [Taiko no tatsujin: Drum n Fun]

No! I missed one beat! I’m stuffing up!

No! Again!! Focus mode!!
I need a Full Combo! Start the song all over again!

Also made the Don and Ka beats the same because my brain can’t quickly switch between the two. I guess I can’t be a drummer. I just want to have fun with the rhythm ;P But this game is really intense as my brain tires out after half an hour or so and accuracy goes out the window!

And I played a lot of Taiko drumming during my Japan trip too. Super fun even though I don’t understand japanese. 😀 I envied people with tapered drum sticks as they seemed smoother and more accurate to play with :0 I saw people playing with incredible skill at extreme levels! They’re amazing at it!

Focusing on fun beats makes me let go some of my worries. Letting go of that negative energy, sadness and hopelessness :’)

And then it tires me out!

Girl Geek Academy Breakfast for the Incubator Program last week

Hey featuring cool, incredible artists Ngoc Vu, Olivia Haines, Kalonica Quigley, Casey Dalbo and some sad butt doing a terrible cheesy pose ;P

I didn’t even talk too much in general with all of them but they were super nice to include me :’) I also met Morgan, Amelia and saw some others like Candice and Fiona. Everyone was busy talking and bonding!

I came in super early as I don’t live near the city, was kindly welcomed in by the lovely GGA team [Sarah, Hannah and Lisy] and sat on the sofa while people came in. I didn’t budge from the sofa as groups of networking/chats were forming and happening until we had to go to our designated seats.

I stayed anti-social and away from the crowd until a good, lovely friend came over :’) I don’t really do social events much so eep! There was plenty of awkward moments too when people didn’t seem interested beyond a hello, kind wave or a glance. Aside from my personal anxieties with social events, so many cool people I don’t know!! :’D

This sudden event was all about announcing the Girl Geek Academy Incubator program too! Unless I’m proven incorrect, I think this whole program is ultimately focused on getting great women, non binary people and people of under represented genders into senior and leadership roles in games. I believe a lot of deserving people and friends should apply for it! You get mentorship too! If this is you, apply for it anyway! They’re probably getting hundreds of applications so just throw your hat into the bag! :0

Immediate feelings: I don’t feel that the program is for me since I don’t think it suits me. I don’t really want to be in a leadership role with a whole team of people, which comes with lots of responsibility to lead and guide others. And doing industry events, dealing with media and public relations, connections and business skills. If feels like too much pressure, drain and hustling for me when I’m already out of the loop, reserved, bad with reading people and trying to figure things out on my own. Perhaps I lack the confidence since my gut reaction is to opt out of these things. I don’t know.

I even emailed the GGA team to say that I don’t feel that the program is for me but I’m super happy they’re getting this happening last week. Yeah I just sadly excluded myself right there :’)

I definitely do want to make characters, illustrations, comics and art for a living to a point where I don’t worry about money so I can be free from my personal financial worries and anxieties to help others and fund things that I believe in. I hope to do creatively fulfilling, meaningful and fun things and connect with people that way. I hope to collaborate and grow together with kind, great artists too! If that’s even possible within the games industry, that’s neat!

It’s common for people to do it but I’m not particularly interested in teaching and being a public speaker. I’ve done both before and my life just gets consumed and drained by it and the anxiety and stress it brings. I am keen to get better connecting with people and business skills in a way that I can excel in though. I’d prefer a more low key and successful career – if that’s possible. So I don’t know if this program is for me. I’m in a very lost head-space as I figure out what I really want that’s right for me at the moment. Perhaps I need to be more ambitious with my career. As I tend to be with my own art :’)

Should I even apply?! Throw my hat in too because I’m expected to? Take any opportunity that comes around just so I have a clear conscience when I don’t get it? I’m sure there’s other people more deserving and amazing, given at how competitive and tough things are :S I need some career counselling :’)

Plus I felt like a downer explaining to people I lost my job when people asked what I do and who I was. I appreciated that some were reassuring and others talked around the subject :’)

But I am grateful to be part of the party at all and the breakfast was super delicious! I picked pancakes + bacon + tiny bit of icecream since I rarely eat breakfast, let alone pancakes :0 Thank you!! <3

Digressing! People should apply! Go be awesome! And in the future I hope to work with you one day ;D

In the meantime, I’ll keep being on the fence about it ;P

Yes I removed blog comments again.

I’m much more happier with people emailing me if they want to discuss, share thoughts, ask questions or reach out.

I don’t need what really should be 1 to 1 conversations, publicly for show on my blog posts. We have social media for public community interactions already. Plus it’s one less thing for me to check and moderate. It’s just me managing my own site so I don’t need more things to overwhelm me :’)

If I ever do have interesting conversations and experiences, I’m happy to talk about it in a future blog post. But for now, I’m sticking to my principles of keeping things 1 to 1 for my blog here.

Again, kind peeps can directly email me or reply to my blog newsletter. Thanks for understanding.