SuperListenMode: “I’m your replacement sent by Cyberlife”

SuperListenMode: “I’m your replacement sent by Cyberlife”

Whenever I read about AI making art through Machine Learning,
I think: “what’s the point of making art anymore” :’)
Yes made voxel art for this #DetroitBecomeHuman joke ;P

Game Ramble

First up, I don’t support the established terrible and gross working conditions of Quantic Dream during the game’s production. Okay moving on.

In regards to the game itself, I’ve watched countless playthroughs of Detroit: Become Human and it’s fascinating, entertaining, has attempts to symbolise real life movements through heavy handed ways, problematic things and plot holes.

There’s a lot of good world building all the same. There’s so many ways it could end, there are many things that could be written and designed better but the overall story is mostly affected by the three playable characters. It’s really cool how things play out whether you do or don’t do something.

Other times, it’s unfair when you completely miss out important or quality things in a bad way and consequently the story feels lacking, frustrating and less than ideal…due to issues in the game design.

It’s not perfect but it’s a good game, especially how it pushes how stories are told in games and is actually being open about its narrative flowcharts this time.

Personally I don’t know what’s the big picture purpose of Kara’s story, Markus’ revolution story is predictable and the Connor + Hank buddy adventures [thanks to the actors themselves] are the best. Maybe the point of Kara’s story is to tug at emotional heartstrings…but I’m not feeling it. Especially with that *part*…it doesn’t really have a larger impact of the bigger AI versus humans theme as much as Marcus’ and Connor’s storylines do. I can say more but more articulate people say it better. ;P Good entertaining watch for me though with all the different endings and options!

Yes I did some voxel art that’s not for work. GASP!

Wow technically I became a voxel artist since working with Mighty in 2016!